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Swox sunscreen and UV protection should be in every surfer's travel bag. The prolonged hours in and on the water entail prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays. Swox is no ordinary sunscreen because it is especially formulated to protect water sports athletes as well as any sports practitioner who loves staying out under the sun. It is eco-friendly and definitely safe for human skin and health. Shop for premium Swox sunscreen to protect your skin. Available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Swox Sunscreen and UV Protection - Online UK Shop

Water sports and outdoor athletes are more vulnerable to skin damage caused by harsh UV rays. Indeed, there are numerous sunscreens and sun protection lotions in the market, but they are not made to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as snow and long exposures to warm and cold waters.

If you use regular sunscreen, it is very likely that you skin will not absorb it properly if you are soaked in water, sweating profusely or in freezing below zero environs. Surfers, swimmers, snowboarders, skiers and other outdoor extreme sports enthusiasts often look for the perfect sunscreen to protect them for long periods. It's great that Swox waterproof sunscreen and UV protection is available in the market for several years.

Swox is an Australian-German hybrid company launched in 2010 by a group of surfers and snowboarders. Their regular trips to Australia and Swiss Alps taught them about regular sunscreens and that they are not designed for extreme sports and harsh conditions.

This is why Swox sun protection products are unique and focused on outdoor athletes. Below are the primary benefits they provide:

  • Water-Resistant UVA and UVB Filters - Swox sunscreens has a blend of physical blockers such as zinc and titanium which have water-resistant UVA and UVB filters that ensure longer-lasting skin protection particularly in water.
  • Excellent UV Protection - The presence of physical blockers titanium and zinc in these sunscreens ensure protection from harsh sun damage. They also do not contain oxybenzone or octinoxate.
  • Hypoallergenic - Aside from containing eco-friendly ingredients, Swox sunscreens do not contain parabens, fragrances, eye irritants and greasy substances. They are also approved by dermatologists.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging - Bio-base plastics are used to make tubes for Swox sunscreens. These are derived from Brazilian sugarcane ethanol which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Endorsed by World-Class Athletes - An excellent product is highly likely to be recommended by the very people who uses it. In the case of Swox, it's not just a sun protection product or a brand but a community of athletes who share similar lifestyles and passion for their chosen sport.

Just by looking at the impressive list of Swox team riders and athletes is more than enough reason to consider and try their products. Team riders include (surfing) Jordy Smith, Alena Ehrenbold, Lilly Von Treuenfels, Leon Glatzer, Dale Staples, Valeska Schneider, Tao Schirrmacher, Marlon Lipke, Lenni Jensen, (windsurfing) Robby Swift, Jaeger Stone, Florian Jung, Adam Lewis, (sup) Paulina Herpel, (kiteboarding) Bruna Kajiya, Ben Hoffman, Susi Mai, Manuela Jungo, (skiing) Lisa Zimmermann, (free skiing) Arianna Tricomi, Fabian Lentsch, (snowboarding) Seppl Ramsbacher, Marko Grilc and Konsti Schad. Swox athletes include (beach volleyball) Sandra Ittlinger, Armin Dollinger, (surfing) Michi Mohr, Hannah Dopf, Amparo Maluendez, Melodie Bohny, Gareth Budge, Julia Muniz, Simon Strangfeld, Tim Schubert, Linda Aulbach, Karina Rankine, Elodie Boursaus, Chyna Charles, (sup) Franz Orsi, (kiteboarding) Alberto Rondina, Agata Dobrzynska, Melissa Rodwald, (snowboarding) Ethan Morgan, Manu Groiss, (skiing) Lena Stoffel, and (running) Anne Marie Flammersfeld.

Overview of Swox Sunscreens

  • Swox Zinc 50 - The sunscreen to use for extreme sun protection for your face. It has high-efficacy UVA and UVB filters with a combination of titanium and zinc for reliable sun protection as it prevents skin irritation. Also contains vitamin E and provitamin B5.
  • Swox Zinc 50 Beige - For extreme sun protection for nose, forehead and cheeks, this is the sunscreen to go for. Has the same formula and qualities of the regular Zinc 50, but with a beige tint.
  • Swox Lotion 50 - For whole body sun protection, this is the best sunscreen to choose. It has high-efficacy UVA and UVB filters with a combination of titanium blockers, as well as vitamin E and provitamin B5 for extra skin protection. Plus, it is easily absorbed by the skin, so you're protected in an instant.
  • Swox Lotion 30 - This sunscreen lotion has the same qualities as Lotion 50. If you need one with a lower SPF, this is the ideal option. It protects your skin instantly and provides extra nourishing ingredients.

Before you head out to ride the waves, shred the snowy mountains, or engage in any outdoor sport, make sure to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If you're always out and exposed while doing the sport you love, Swox sunscreens can provide the highest level of skin protection. Grab yours here at Yakwax with our incredible FREE UK delivery!