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Surfers Skin

Surfers Skin

If you're a surfer who spends hours shredding the blue waves in your favourite spots, your skin needs protection from the harmful rays of the sun. This is why Surfers Skin sunscreen is a must in your surfing adventures. It contains SPF30+ to protect you from UVA/UVB rays, aloe vera, Manuka honey, and it is water and sweat resistant. Surfers Skin sunscreen was formulated to provide protection for 2 hours while you're in the water. If you hate getting sunburned, get Surfers Skin sun protection products right here at Yakwax! All comes with our superb FREE UK delivery service.

Surfers Skin Sun Care Products - UK Shop

No surfer wants to be inflicted with a grave disease such as skin cancer or melanoma. But this is the harsh reality that many seasoned surfers dread since they stay in the water and under the sun for hours on end. This is why sun protection is a definite requirement for anyone (not just surfers) who loves water sports and activities under the sun.

Surfers Skin is a premium brand of sun protection products specifically formulated for surfers. Their sunscreens and lip balms are formulated to meet the demanding lifestyles of their target market.

Surfers Skin is one of the many sunscreen brands under the SkinAlive group. The company was founded in 2005 by Grant and Charlotte Lawrie and they are currently based in Wanaka, Otago Region, New Zealand.

SkinAlive sun protection skin products are tested under the extreme New Zealand conditions, as well in other countries through their international brand ambassadors. Their high-quality products have achieved the FDA Protocol Standard, AUS/NZ Standard, and COLIPA International Protocol Standard. The company is also a member of The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of New Zealand.

Among Surfers Skin's numerous ambassadors are Maz Quinn, Billy Stairmand and Alan Stokes.

Safe, First Rate Formula and Ingredients

Surfers Skin products were designed to provide sun protection in the water for as long as two hours. However, we have heard from customers and read several online reviews claiming that Surfers Skin sun creams still provide protection for at least three hours without re-application.

We have also personally tested Surfers Skin in the extreme temps of the Maldives and were absolutely blown away by how effective it was. This allowed us to stay in the water longer, catching more waves and making the very most of the surf trip! This stuff is incredible from our experience!

The sunscreens are broad spectrum and provide protection from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. These products have SPF 30+, New Zealand Manuka honey (known for antibiotic and healing properties) and aloe vera (for moisturising). The sun creams are PARABEN-free, water- and sweat- proof, and have NO nanoparticles. They were NOT tested on animals and are safe on all types of skin.

With such effective formula and outstanding ingredients, Surfers Skin sunscreens have been making waves in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA, North Africa and Japan.

In Memory of Craig

Apart from realising the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, the founders of Surfers Skin have experienced personal tragedy when one of their mates, Craig Osbaldiston, died of melanoma at the young age of 31.

Craig was an avid surfer since he was young. He loved the beach and surfing at Glinks Gully and Muriwai. He succumbed to melanoma and died in February 2004. Charlotte was Craig's fiancée and she decided to create and market a sun protection product to help the growing melanoma problem in the region. It was sort of a mission in memory of a mate and to ensure his death would not be in vain.

In 2005, his first death anniversary marked the beginning of a tradition - the annual Craig Osbaldiston Memorial Surf Competition. Everyone wins and prizes include Surfers Skin products.

Apart from creating great skin care products for surfers and water sports athletes, the founders' advocacy extends online through their website's Skin Care FAQ. It has vital information on sunscreens, SPF and useful tips on sun protection.

Protect your skin and enjoy the water without worries by getting Surfer Skin sunscreen and lip balm here at Yakwax! All orders within the UK come with our superb FREE UK delivery.