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Surfboard Travel Bags

Among the items that avid surfers invest in are good surfboard travel bags. These board bags are dual purpose as they protect boards from damage due to handling and storage, as well as enable surfers to carry and transport their surfboard gear to longer distances to every corner of the globe. Invest in an excellent surfboard travel bag to protect your board for the long haul flight that will take you to those perfect waves you've been dreaming about at work. Get yours right here at Yakwax. We carry some of the world's top brands - all with FREE UK delivery.

Surfboard Coffin Travel Bags - Online UK Shop

The call of perfect surf can sometimes take you to places outside of your usual route. This is a great opportunity to take your board out and test different waters and cultures for that matter. But it is also essential to have appropriate gear and a surfboard travel bag for longer trips is no exception especially if you're travelling with multiple boards.

It is not always convenient to travel with your surfboard in tow especially when it comes to airlines. The possibilities of boards getting damaged are definitely real, so you need to get a multi board bag which is also known as a coffin with reinforced cushioning inside and out. Some surfers prefer the type with wheels which make it easier for frequent air travellers; but on the downside, adds weight to your luggage before you've even started to pack.

You will find a vast array of single to multiple capacity surfboard travel bags these days from a multitude of brands all offering their special and unique characteristics. If you only own one board, it is best to stick with the 'single capacity' type. The fit should be just right, but a little tight to keep your board in place. An allowance of up to two inches in length wouldn't hurt, as long as there's enough padding material within the bag, then, you're good to go.

If you're planning to surf the waves in places other than your usual routes, it's highly advisable to get the right surfboard bags before anything else. Browse our collection from the leading surf brands we carry. All with FREE UK delivery!