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Surfboard Day Bags

Surfboard Day Bags

Surfboard day bags offer more protection and lightweight cushioning compared to board socks. This type of cover is great for travelling longer distances that do not require air travel. If you often go out to surf locally, it is essential to invest on a surfboard everyday bag to prevent your board from possible damage due to transport and other factors. Check our collection of lightweight surfboard bags and covers from Channel Islands, FCS, Modom and Ocean And Earth - all with FREE UK deliverywhen you order at Yakwax!

Surfboard Everyday Bags

As an avid surfer who literally goes the distance to ride perfect waves, it is highly recommended that you invest on lightweight surfboard day bag. These travel surfboard bags are suitable for guys like you who do road trips on a regular basis. May it be on four or two wheels, you'll need a lightweight bag that's easy to carry, but strong enough and reinforced to protect your gear.

Unlike the super lightweight board sock that's just made of stretchy material, surfboard day bags offer more protection against damage. Some surfers use board socks as additional protection before packing in a lightweight day bag. This is advisable if you have a longer day bag as the sock acts as a liner and additional cushion for your board.

The inner padding of a surf board cover is typically thinner than a travel bag you'd use for air flight. Handling is often minimal when you're travelling on the road, but your board still requires cushioning to prevent scratches and dings.

If you're looking for surfboard day bags, we've got them here at Yakwax. We carry brands like Channel Islands, FCS, Modom and Ocean And Earthand other top brands from the world of surf. All with FREE UK delivery when order today!