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Surf Wax Remover + Combs

Surf Wax Remover & Combs

Regular maintenance of your surfboard promotes its longevity. This can be done by checking its physical state for scratches and dings, and removing the old wax which has built-up over time. You will need a surf wax remover and combs at your disposal, whether at home or in your travel bags for safety measure. Always carry a wax remover or comb with you especially if you frequently go to your favourite surf spots because you'll never know when you need it. Get yours here at Yakwax from top surf brands Bubble Gum, FarKing and Mr Zogs. All with FREE UK delivery!

Surfboard Wax Combs and Remover Products

A wax comb is a must-have surfing accessory for keeping your board well-maintained. Regularly applying wax can build up over time, so it's essential to remove the old wax before applying a fresh coat.

Surf wax is often made with paraffin and other hard waxes which accumulate on your board's surface. The hardened wax can be a nuisance when not regularly 'combed' or scraped. The straight edge of a surf wax remover or comb is for scraping off the old wax build-up, while the tooth or jagged edge is for creating textured grooves on fresh wax which helps improve traction.

Today's wax comb designs are more ergonomic and offer more than just removing old wax and adding grooves. You will find wax removers with features such as bottle openers and fin keys. Another great thing about wax removers and combs is you can stock up as many as you want, and you can include them as an add-on gift for your surfing buddies. They are quite inexpensive but an absolute indispensable tool that every surfer must possess.

Stock up and shop for surf wax removers and combs by top brands Bubble Gum,FarKingandMrZogs. Enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!