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Surf Ears

Surf Ears

Swedish brand Surf Ears is an innovative product that's designed to maximise hearing and balance, while protecting water athletes' ears from water, bacteria and cold air. Professional surfers, divers, paddle boarders and underwater photographers benefit greatly from Surf Ears since they can now communicate with each other while on water and hear their surroundings clearly. Surf Ears also help prevent the development or worsening of "surfer's ear" or exostosis, ear infections and worst, deafness. Protect your ears and enjoy every minute you're in the water. Get Surf Ears right here at Yakwax together with our cool FREE UK delivery service!

Surf Ears Advanced Ear Plugs For Water Sports Users - UK Store

Surf Ears is a team of professional engineers, product designers and veteran surfers with over 20 years experience in the sport. The design and engineering departments have extensive experience in designing, developing and producing highly innovative sports gear and consumer electronics.

Out of necessity and the painful experience of being inflicted with "surfer's ear" paved the way for the design and production of Sweden-based surf product, Surf Ears.

The joys of surfing and other water activities include hearing everything in your environment since the sounds complete the entire experience of being one with nature and everything it offers. While there are ear plugs specifically for surfing and other water sports, the founders didn't find them useful especially in allowing sound to pass through.

Not Your Ordinary Ear Plugs

Surf Ears may have a resemblance to typical ear plugs, but they work differently and offer more benefits to the wearer.

  • They are designed to custom-fit anyone's ears with the presence of sealing gels that come in three sizes. The comfortable, soft gels seal the ear canals to prevent water and cold air from entering.
  • The non-stick, hydrophobic acoustic mesh maximises hearing and balance, and protects ears from water, dirt, cold air and bacteria.
  • The core enhances the acoustics by replicating the ear's natural resonance frequency. The core also facilitates size change of the sealing gel and fixation wing.
  • To keep Surf Ears in place, each has a wipeout-safe fixation wing comes in 2 sizes for custom fit.

As mentioned earlier, sound is essential to fully enjoy your surfing, diving, deep sea photography and other water activities. Hearing everything is crucial not only for the experience itself, but for balance and proper communication as well.

Thousands of Hours and a 3D Printer

The surf project kicked off in 2011 and the Surf Ear team spent 8,000 hours in total in producing the first version of the product.

With the use of a 3D printer, the team was able to produce hundreds of prototypes which they tested in various water conditions and temperatures. They used the prototypes from the icy waters of Scandinavia to the warm waters of the Tropics.

Surf Ears 2.0

Design and development is second nature to the makers of Surf Ears. They have now produced an improved version, Surf Ears 2.0.

The 2.0 version has an optional silicon leash which can be attached and removed to the plugs to further prevent wearers from losing them. The sound canal is larger for better acoustics and the acoustic mesh is now made with improved hydrophobic coating. The water sealing parts such as the plug and gel were upgraded for better fit and improved seal.

Surf Ears 2.0 also has new red colour highlights and sealed plastic packaging.

They may seem a little expensive for such a small piece of gear, but Surf Ears offer a long-lasting benefit to those who love to surf, dive, paddle board and all other water sports and activities. Just think about how costly and painful it is to suffer from "surfer's ear" versus having to spend a little to prevent this condition in the long term.

We know how costly this can be as a number of Yakwax staff have suffered from Surfers Ear and gone under the knife. We now use Surfers Ears and wish such an awesome ear plug was around 10 or even 20 years ago.

Surf Ears are available here at Yakwax! Get yours today and enjoy our FREE UK delivery service.