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Supra footwear is known for blending music, skateboarding, fashion and art with designs and colours that truly stand out. Aesthetics aside, Supra shoes for men, women and kids are created using innovative process and contemporary design. Even if you're not into skateboarding or you do not consider yourself a fashion forward individual, you will appreciate many of Supra's footwear styles. These shoes were created to fit into the demands of skaters, street fashion enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a pair of good-looking quality shoes. Get your pair of Supra trainers right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

Supra Footwear & Clothing Shop

Supra footwear is one of the world's most popular brands that have successfully penetrated both the skate and lifestyle markets over the years. While the primary goal was to create awesome shoes for skateboarders, many fans of streetwear, music and footwear (in general) have caught on.

Founded in 2006 by Angel Cabada and Scott Bailey, together with pro skateboarders Chad Muska and Erik Ellington, Supra was originally an 'underground idea' among themselves. However, word travelled fast and their project became known amongst skaters and footwear aficionados in the Southern California area. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The brand is recognised for innovative design aesthetics, distinct material combinations, and vibrant colour palettes - all of which allowed the company to reach a very broad audience worldwide. Currently, Supra operate flagship stores in New York City, Santa Monica, Mexico City, Tokyo and Paris. They also have distributors in over 60 countries via select skate shops and premium boutiques were they sell Supra footwear for men, women and kids.

Supra have a great list of skateboarders as their brand ambassadors. These include Chad Muska, Dane Vaughn, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Lizard King, Lucien Clarke, Spencer Hamilton, Tom Penny, Oscar Candon, Dee Ostrander, and Sascha Daley.

Collabs and Celebs

Over the years, Supra have collaborated with numerous artists, skaters and other brands which resulted to very unique footwear designs that made headlines in the skate and street fashion worlds.

These are only some of Supra's notable collaborations which have been published online: 

  • Steve Aoki x Supra Skytop 4 for the Vegas Club
  • Andrew Levitas x Supra Cuba "Reflection of the Roman Catacombs"
  • Creative Instagram users x Supra for #alwaysontherun campaign
  • Ben Baller x Supra for the recreation of the Original Skytop
  • Hunger Games x Supra (The Hunger Games Pack, the Rothco Pack, Supra Skytop IV "District 13")
  • G-Shock x Supra "It's About Time"
  • Shake Junt x Supra
  • Hanon x Supra Owen "Whisky Gold" Collection
  • Samantha Ronson x Supra Skytop (Supra Skytop I "Lil' Red", Supra Skytop II "Samikaze")
  • A-Morir x Supra Sequined Skytops (collaboration with eyewear queen Kerin Rose)
  • Lil Wayne x Supra (Supra Spectre, Supra Spectre Griffin)

It's not surprising that this brand is so famous among all sorts of footwear-lovers all over the globe. They have fans from all walks of life, but it pays to have aficionados in Hollywood and TV as well.

These are just some of the many celebrities who were spotted sporting Supra footwear JayZ, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Pete Wentz, Chris Brown, JLo, Ryan Lochte, 50 Cent, Heidi Klum, Samantha Ronson, Cruz and Romeo Beckhamnn, Ashley Benson, David Cross, Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Soulja Boy, Top Chef Ilan Hall, James Franco, Cara Delevigne, Niall Horan (One Direction), Rita Ora, Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

Acquisition by K-Swiss Global Brands

In 2015, One-Distribution, the parent company of KR3W and Supra, was acquired by K-Swiss Global Brands for an undisclosed sum. The latter wanted to include in their portfolio brands that will leverage their presence in the footwear and apparel markets.

The owners may have changed, but they are still continuing their legacy of designing innovative and stylish footwear. Their collection of high tops, low tops, skate shoes and trainers for men, women and kids are topnotch and deserve a space in your (and your family's) wardrobe.

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