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Supertoxic is a 100% skater-owned wheel brand based in the UK. They produce high-quality urethane skateboard wheels as well as hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, stickers and other skate-related items. While considered still a young skate brand, they are famous for excellent graphic designs that appeal to skaters of all ages. They have also collaborated with other brands such as Karma Skateboards and Mouse Grip. If you need new urethane wheels, Supertoxic is a brand worth trying this time and you can get them here at Yakwax. Order today and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Supertoxic Skateboard Wheels UK Store

One of the younger skate brands today is UK-based Supertoxic. It is an independent brand which started out in 2011 by skater Mike Crisp and is currently located in northern England. The brand is currently distributed by iFive Distribution in the UK and Go Europe in Holland.

Supertoxic is primarily a urethane-focused skate wheel brand that branched out into providing other skate products such as soft goods, stickers, hard goods, wax and others. What makes them remarkable are the sick graphics they use on wheel sets and the price range they offer, typically aiming at skaters of all levels to ensure their products can reach a wider demographic.

The founder and his crew consider the company a small one still, even though they have reached all of Europe and parts of the USA. They have a rad team of pro riders who always end up making tricks in their clips and major video releases. The skate team includes Lloyd McLeggon, Joe Hinson, Mark Radden and Ross Zajac.

Supertoxic - Growing Slowly and Steadily

It is a fact that the skateboarding industry is already filled with hundreds of brands, big and small, and it is heavily dominated by American companies either directly rooted in The States or have been acquired or distributed by bigger conglomerates in the USA or Europe.

For smaller, fairly new brands like Supertoxic, it's more advantageous to be a purely European brand since the market share is still penetrable - making them one of the leading skate brands in the region.

Like many successful skate brands, they have humble beginnings and the drive to continue what they love most - skateboarding with their mates in various locations for fun and building their brand slowly but surely. The founder, Mike Crisp, was able to build the brand thanks to his holiday savings and after finishing his university studies. He hooked up with a friend, James Headford who owns a small skate brand called Deadmen Skateboards, where local groms support the brand.

Mike aspired to be like his pal, painting his skate decks and making his own stickers. After thinking it through, he realized there are no wheel-specific brands in the UK, but with plenty of board companies with wheels. He decided to go for it and built an all-urethane wheel brand to break into the market.

Carefully Crafted Wheels

Supertoxic wheels are created and ready in four weeks - from the production of the wheels to finalizing artwork, to finally getting them in stores and distributors across regions.

The company uses a decent durometer and high-quality hard urethane to prevent flat spots, but just enough hardness to also prevent slippy wheels as a result. They are constantly trying different durometers and sizes, as well as skating on varied terrain to test their wheels and to come up with better wheel selections for skaters.


The most prominent we've seen so far among the brand's collaborative works are those with Mob Grip and Karma Skateboards.

  • Mob x Mouse Supertoxic Urethane Sprayed Artwork Griptape- This collaboration involves the artwork of artist Mob on Mouse griptape. These are hand-sprayed grips using Supertoxic's designs.
  • Karma Kizla x Supertoxic-Karma Kizla skateboards in 8, 8.25 and 8.5 are designed and painted in the UK, and made of cold compressed 100% North American hard maple. Each comes with free griptape and stickers.


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