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SUP Leashes

SUP Leashes

Next to the paddle, a SUP leash is an essential part of a paddler's gear. It helps you keep your SUP board at close range even after a wipeout. You wouldn't want to chase your board each and every time, and definitely don't want to cause any safety issues among other paddlers in the area. Securing your SUP board with the right type of leash is necessary, so make sure to choose only from top brands like Ocean and Earth, among many others in our shop. Orderyours right here at Yakwaxand enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

SUP Leashes - Online UK Store

Perhaps it is more compelling for SUP enthusiasts and practitioners to use SUP leashesbecause the risk of hazard is higher. Imagine swimming away to chase your board using one hand, while holding onto your paddle with your other hand.

SUP leashes were created mainly for SUP riders. They are designed to be worn either around the ankle or below the knee. Flat SUP leashes are generally for ankle-wearers, while coiled SUP leashes are ideal for below the knee-wearers. Whichever type you choose, it is ideal to have a leash that's one foot longer than your board. However, you need to also consider the type of water your shred.

Coiled SUP leashes are often proposed to riders because they don't drag in the water while paddling. But flat, straight leashes are better for those who love to shred rivers and oceans because they are not likely to tangle in turbulent waters.

Here at Yakwax we offer some of the best SUP leashes from world renowned brands in the industry including Ocean and Earth. Order yours today and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!