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Square + Rectangular Sunglasses

Square & Rectangular Sunglasses

Square and rectangle sunglasses are characterised by their sharp or rounded edges. Square-shaped sunglasses are ideal for those with longer faces, while rectangular ones are great for those with oval or round faces. The main difference is the width of rectangular shaped sunglasses which is longer than the height. Rectangular frame sunglasses appeal to guys because they bring out their cool or edgier side no matter what they wear.Browseour square and rectangular frame sunglasses from the top brands we carry namely Carve, Electric, Glassy and Oakley, to name a few.Get FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!

Square & Rectangle Sunglasses - Online UK Shop

There's something about a person who wears square or rectangle sunglasses. There's a bit of mystery with a dash of cool that is often effortlessly exuded by the wearer. Solid, thick black frames that surround either dark brown or solid black lenses complete the fascinating effect.

It's always a question of "who's that mysterious individual?" or "who is that cool kid in shades?" Even the boy or girl next door will look different upon wearing square sunglasses. They have more vintage feel and oversize versions which tend to cover half of the wearer's face that makes the look more intriguing.

Rectangular shaped sunglasses for men are among the recent favourites. Celebrities such as Sean Combs, Robert Davi, Bono and Jamie Foxx have worn several of them on and off the cameras, not to mention the vast amount of household names from the surf, skate and snowboard worlds that rock this style of sunnies.

For those who love sports, rectangular shaped sunglasses are among their favourite lifestyle accessories. We've seen ski pros, golfers and tennis players wear the sportier versions of these shades. They do not just protect the eyes from the sun, but they also provide protection from foreign material as they play or train for their favourite sport.

You can be as edgy and cool like those iconic celebs or sports stars by wearing one of our rectangular frame sunnies. Check out our collection from top brands like Chocolate, Nectar and Von Zipper. Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!