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Sticky Bumps

Sticky Bumps

With so many options in the market today, it's better to choose a surf wax with decades of experience and admirable legacy. One such brand is Sticky Bumps, a family owned and operated company in California, USA. Sticky Bumps is firstly known for their amazing surfboard waxes, but they also produce waxes for skateboard, snowboard and other action sports. If you need new surf wax, traction pads, leashes and board bags, this is one of those go-to brands. Grab your Sticky Bumps surf wax and accessories at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

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Known as one of the most popular and stickiest surf waxes in the world, Sticky Bumps have revolutionised the processing of their waxes in order to comply with environmental standards and the core consumers' demands.

The company Wax Research, Inc. houses the Sticky Bumps brand and was founded by California surfer John Dahl. Overall, it is a family owned and operated company since 1971 and located in Carlsbad, California in the USA. Today, John's grown up children handle the business in their California headquarters.

Sticky Bumps waxes are not just for surfing as they also produce wax variants for other action sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding and others. Over the decades, they have become one of the primary go-to brands for surf waxes and other products like traction pads, leashes, board bags, soft goods and accessories.

As one of the leaders in board sports wax, Sticky Bumps attract multitudes of athletes, practitioners and fans each year. They are a global company and with it comes the fan base and pro team that try and test their products in a variety of locations and temperatures.

The pro team includes many of the world's top board sports athletes starting with Bethany Hamilton, Alex Ribeiro, Ezekiel Lau, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Jamie Mitchell, Tia Blanco, Niccollo Porcella, Ashley Kidd, Dylan Goodale, Fernando Stalla, Ornella Pellizzari, Mateus Lima and many others.

One of the Best Surfboard Waxes Around the Globe

We can't help but search the web for the best of the best surf products all over the world today. And of course, Sticky Bumps is always in the top 10 lists, whether on an independent reviewer's website, a blog, another online seller or the world's largest online retailer.

They have a great line up of waxes that cater to most board sports and both hot and cold weather conditions. You can choose from Original, Cool (58F - 68F), Cold (60F and below), Warm (64F - 74F), Tour Series, Tropical (above 75F), Hawaiian (for extra hot waters), Punt Bits (extra sticky), Munkey Wax (5x stickier than Original), Day Glo (80's style coloured waxes), and waxes for SUP, bodyboard and skimboard. All Sticky Bumps waxes come in three fruity scents - blueberry, coconut and grape.

Sticky Bumps' Commitment to their Local Community and the Environment

While there are plenty of other surf wax brands out there that are also eco-friendly, Sticky Bumps innovators have found and are currently using naturally occurring and sustainable ingredients such as decomposed sea shells (calcite) and Meadowfoam seed oil to improve the stickiness and effectiveness of their waxes. Wax Research, Inc. is granted exclusive use of Meadowfoam seed oil for the production of their waxes in early 2000s.

They use steam heat in blending their waxes to minimise environmental impact during production, and they make sure everything, including production wastes, are reused and recycled.

Perhaps the most notable is how used Sticky Bumps waxes biodegrade naturally with the aid of fungi and bacteria that emulsify it back into the environment.

The company produces over four million waxes annually, all man-powered with the aid of customised machinery. They are committed in providing jobs in their community and supporting local amateur surfers who are trying their luck at the sport.

The Dahl family is very much hands-on in the company. In one of the interviews we've read it was mentioned that John's daughter has done everything in the company including driving a forklift. The family's remarkable generosity and humility are also credited by local media, their employees and the community.

If you're running low on surf wax, better stock up on Sticky Bumps today! You can get them here at Yakwax with our superb FREE UK delivery service.