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Stance Surf Legends Socks

Stance brings the ultimate socks for any surf fan - presenting the Surf Legends range! This limited edition collection features iconic images captured by ground breaking surf photography lensman Jeff Divine. As with all Stance Socks they are made to a premium quality that can't be matched by any rival sock brand, so they not only look beyond incredible they alaso offer a luxury feel on your feet! Shop today at Yakwax and receive our also Legendary, Free UK Delivery Service.

Surf Legends Socks by Stance

For any avid surf fan these socks are an absolute must have! Stance have released this one of a kind like no other collection of socks with iconic images captured by the ground-breaking surf lensman Jeff Divine. As with all Stance socks they are crafted and created to a quality level that isn't found in any rival sock companies making them not only look amazing but also offering superior comfort.

Who's in the collection?

Tom Curren - 3X World Champion and regarded by many as the most stylish surfer to ever ride a wave.

Mark Occhilupo - He wasn't called the Raging Bull for nothing. Occy had a dogged determination which shone in the water with a seriously aggressive backhand attack! He achieved his dream comeback with a world title in 1999.

Martin Potter "Pottz" - Potz was one of the ground-breaking leaders of the aerial revolution in surfing. This aggressive high-risk approach earnt him a world title in 1989.

Matt Archibold "Archy" - Powerful, aggressive and understated! Archy won fans the world over with his low profile approach yet pushing the boundaries of what was possible on a surfboard. A true "Free Surfer" through and through.

Tom Carroll - That Snap! The proud owner of probably the most famous turn that will ever be done at Pipeline; not to mention 3 world titles!

Christian Fletcher - Surfing's original Bad Boy! Christian concentrated on pushing the boundaries of what was possible on a surfboard despite being ridiculed for it at the time because it was so different! He stuck to his guns and was the first to land many air variations!

If you love surfing and comfortable, cool socks, this collection is for you. Get them here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!