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SP Gadgets

SP Gadgets

SP Gadgets are makers of premium accessories for GoPro and other action cameras and smartphones. Their cutting-edge technical accessories include mounts, poles, electronics and storage cases. SP stands for Smart Performance and it is indeed exemplified by each of their products. SP Gadgets are definitely made for extreme sports practitioners, adventure seekers, travellers, fitness enthusiasts, cyclists and anyone with an active lifestyle. Capturing your favourite activity on POV mode is better than ever with SP Gadgets around, and you can get them here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery.

SP Gadgets GoPro Camera Accessories - Online UK Store

When we think about GoPro action cameras and today's high-tech smartphones, there's a massive collection of accessories created by various companies across the globe. It's easy to stick with getting a GoPro camera or one of the high-end smartphones by iPhone and Samsung, but it can be a challenge to decide on the add-on products because of the vast varieties available today. But if you want a trusted name in the industry, it's gotta be SP Gadgets through and through.

SP stands for Smart Performance. The accessories they create definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to function, performance, style and compatibility with both the gadgets and their owners. The company's mantra is to produce 'smart performing' versatile mounting systems for all sorts of lifestyles and activities to enable the user to experience the adventure with ease, while producing the most stunning action videos.

The company that produces these innovative gadgets under the SP Connect and SP Gadgets brands is called SP United Holdings AG Group. SP United Holdings was founded in Germany in 1988, but has company owned factories in China, Germany and Slovakia. They have distribution offices in the United States, Austria and Germany; while research and development, sourcing, sales and marketing are operated in their Newport Beach, USA and Vienna, Austria headquarters.

SP gadgets are distributed and available in over 70 countries across the globe, making it easier for extreme sports enthusiasts, thrill seekers and adventurous individuals to grab hold of their very own GoPro and smartphone accessories. Another plus for getting these gadgets is you are sure they are made by a champion company in the action sports/accessories category in the 2016 ISPO Awards.

Top of the Line SP Gadgets and Accessories

SP action cam and smartphone gadgets have several categories (phone cases, mounts, electronics, poles/grips and storage) sorted according to various types of outdoor activities (biking/cycling, fitness, car and moto). If you look at their website, you will see these and find them quite helpful when you're browsing for accessories you need. Other accessories are also available such as lights, storage cases, speakers, power banks and other devices which feature the innovative SP mounting systems.

The following are overviews of some of these amazing products by SP:

Three of the primary models which we think are essential for every user are the SP remote pole, phone mount and POV Elite case.

Remote Pole - The remote pole is designed for snowboarders who require a high-tech selfie stick that's ergonomic, stable and adjustable for taking images in a variety of angles.

Phone Mount - The SP phone mount was developed to work in tandem with the remote pole, so users can pair their smartphones with their GoPro action camera. The smartphone screen acts as a monitor once it's attached onto the remote pole grip or at the end of the pole if you want to take selfies.

POV Elite Case - The perfect storage unit for your action cam and all other bits is the SP POV Elite Case. It is compact, sturdy and has foam compartments for your action cam, LCD and WiFi BacPac, SD cards, cables and other items.

Bundles - The Fitness Bundle and Bike Bundle each feature a set of accessories such as mobile phone case and mount (essentials), a running band (fitness) and weather cover (bike).

The choice of SP gadgets and accessories will highly depend on your lifestyle and favourite outdoor adventure. Whichever you prefer, we have them here at the Yakwax store. Order today and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service!