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Solarez is a long-timer in the surfboard ding repair category, providing fast repair solutions for polyester and epoxy boards using cleaner and innovative manufacturing processes. They are renowned for their UV resin which dries quickly and efficiently repairs fibreglass, wood and plastics. For surfers who often travel, Solarez repair and travel kits are perfect to carry wherever you go. It is easier to repair those pesky dings on your board, so you can go back to surfing in just minutes. Shop for Solarez surfboard ding repair products and kits right here at Yakwax. All with our superb FREE UK delivery.

Solarez Surfboard Ding Repair UK Store

Solarez is an international brand of surfboard ding repair products and solutions. They are known for their epoxy and polyester surfboard ding repair products, ranging from single tubes to travel kits and big sizes for board repair shops.

The brand is owned by the conglomerate Wahoo International who started manufacturing composite surfboards and body boards in 1985. The company utilised unconventional materials and processes such as UV curing resins, composites and vacuum bagging techniques in producing their boards.

Breaking and Overcoming Barriers

The guys at Wahoo realised that UV curing was more eco-friendly compared to other methods and it was more idyllic for field repair purposes. However, even though they thought the technology is greener and more beneficial to the environment and economy, breaking the conventional methods of existing manufacturers and convincing them to switch to more eco-friendly methods would be a tremendous challenge.

Despite the unsupportive entities they've approached to gain more traction in the industry, Solarez was able to establish themselves as one of the leading brands in surfboard ding repair. For over 30 years, the mother company (Wahoo) have diversified and produced over 20 formulas following a cleaner and greener manufacturing of repair composites for sports, cabinetry, fly fishing, crafts & hobbies, musical instruments and jewelry, as well as carving the path for new and exciting innovations such as 3D printing.

Overview of Solarez Surfboard Ding Repair Products

You can choose from a great range of Solarez ding repair products either from their Polyester Board Repair or Epoxy Board Repair. Below is just an overview of products under each category:

Polyester Board Repair

Low-Lite Solarez - a great resin designed to cure properly during the winter months and in colder regions

Solarez Repair Putty - a mix of non-yellowing, clear, high-strength and fiber reinforced polyester resin and solar activated catalyst; doesn't require mixing and is ready to use from the tube; only needs 3-minute sun exposure to cure and repair those pesky dings

Polyester Weenie Travel Kit - just what travelling surfers need in a crush-proof watertight plastic capsule; contents include Solarez fiberfill putty (0.5oz tube), 60/240 grit sand pad and spreader; acetone prep-pad

Mini Travel Kit - also for travelling surfers with contents in a crush-proof watertight plastic capsule; includes 60/240 grit sand pad and spreader; acetone prep-pad; Microlite putty (0.5oz tube); Solarez fiberfill putty (0.5oz tube)

Econo Travel Kit - another convenient pack for travelling surfers which includes Solarez fiberfill putty (2oz tube); Microlite putty (2oz tube); 60/240 grit sand pad and spreader

Polyester Pro Travel Kit - a more extensive travel kit for avid surfers that includes a crush-proof travel box complete with the following products: 'Dual-cure laminating resin (4oz); Solarez fiberfill putty (2oz tube); Microlite putty (2oz tube); 5"x5" sandpaper (60,150,320 grits); spreader; bottle of acetone (1oz); 200 sq in S-glass (4oz); 38" fibreglass rope; high-quality stainless steel scissors; masking tape; catalyst; mixing cup; stirring sticks; razor blade; clean-up pads

Microlite 2oz Tube - sandable, lightweight filler formulated specifically for surfboard foam repair; used for deep dings; comes with 6-/240 grit sand pad and spreader

Microlite Weenie - a smaller version of the Microlite filler with all the inclusions

Low-VOC Dual-Cure Polyester Resin - a new type of resin which can be cured by UV light or by adding MEKP catalyst; low odor and low VOC as compared to regular polyester resin

Epoxy Board Repair

Low-Lite Epoxy - as effective and as great as the UV-cure Epoxy, but formulated for colder regions and season

Microlite Epoxy - can repair all types of surfboard foam; great for repairing deep dings, fin box foundations or fin plugs and interior structural fillings; can be cured using natural sunlight, artificial UV light or MEKP catalyst

Solarez Epoxy - a clear, high-strength, fiber reinforced epoxy resin combined with solar activated catalyst; doesn't require mixing; has eco-friendly vapor and non-flammable; 3-minute cure under sunlight; UV curing ensures hardening of resin

Epoxy Weenie Travel Kit - includes a crush-proof, watertight plastic capsule containing Solarez Epoxy fibrefill putty (0.5oz tube) and 60/240 grit sand pad

The team at Solarez continue to produce more efficient and eco-friendly board repair products for all surfers. It is only logical to do so as ding repair solutions and services can sometimes cost a fortune. Repairing smaller dings on your own can reduce cost and problems in the long run.

Shop for Solarez ding repair products right here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!