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Softech softboards are designed for performance, enjoyment and long periods of shredding on water. Made with durable materials that are shaped to various sizes and styles, these boards are equipped with original FCS fin systems to allow you to surf quad or thruster. Whether you are a beginner or a highly skilled rider, Softech boards will suit your shredding needs and style. Get them here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Softech Surfboards - Online UK Store

Softech is one of the brands under the Australian Surf Hardware International, a company that also owns Hydro, Gorilla and FCS. The brand's popular softboards are widely distributed in Australia, USA, Japan and Europe. Their surfboard range has expanded over the years and now includes fishes, mini simmons, quads and many others.

Legendary surfer Tom Carroll designed Softech boards which are geared toward beginners to surfing experts. The boards are made with 100% waterproof EPS core, pre-installed leash plug and double stringers, and best of all they are at a very affordable price range.

Softech surfboards are absolutely built for enjoyment and performance. They can withstand any situation on water which allow riders to keep shredding and learning the ropes with less worries. Speaking of riders, the Softech riding team is comprised of some of the world's greatest surfers starting with Tom Carroll, Sally Fitzgibbons, Kyuss King, Mason Ho, Asher Wales and Eric Geiselman.

Softech Boards and Other Products

Original Series

Also known as the "Learner Series", the Softech Original Series of softboards are designed for fun and exciting learning experience especially for beginners. These boards are quite buoyant and stable, so beginner surfers can efficiently catch and ride waves, and learn how to perform basic turns on water.

As many surfers would say, it's never too early or too late to learn how to ride the waves and enjoy the experience. No matter your age or skill level, using the Learner or Original Series boards will help you through as they paddle well, have adequate nose lift and turning capability. They also include free soft fins which are ideal for beginner to intermediate surfers and waves from 0 to 4 feet.

Performance Series

The Performance Series softboards by Softech are inspired by modern fibreglass boards. They are made to perform while having fun on the water, and they are complete with FCS II Fin System which allows you to upgrade, add or replace your fins. Performance Series boards are ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers and waves from 0 to 6 feet.

Other Surf Products

Since Softech and FCS are sister brands, they carry FCS fins which are compatible with all Softech boards. Available are other complementary surf products such as leashes, wet bags, kids' poncho towels, flippers and traction pads.

It's always fun and exciting to surf during the warm months every year. If there are kids and beginner surfers who would like to learn fast and easy on manageable waves, Softech boards are the ideal option. Get yours here at Yakwax with our rad FREE UK delivery!