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Smith Scabs

Smith Scabs

For over three decades, Smith Scabs have been providing safety gear to action sports athletes such as skateboarders, roller derby skaters, BMX bikers and other extreme sports practitioners. The brand is owned and distributed by Select Distribution, a company based in California. Both young and old, especially beginners, will find something suitable for them - may it be for protecting their knees, elbows, head or wrists. Shop for Smith Scabs helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, knee gaskets and replacement caps right here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Smith Scabs Protective Gear - Online UK Store

The need for protective gear is essential to keeping yourself or your young grom from getting injured. Shredding the streets and skate parks, riding your bike on rough terrain, or rollerblading casually may easily turn a fun afternoon into a painful one if you're not wearing any protection from inevitable factors.

If you're serious about action sports, it's necessary to invest on proper gear and protection especially if you are just beginning. This is essential if you have a young adventurous kid. You'd always want to protect them from harm without taking away the fun.

Among the many established brands in protective gear is Smith Scabs. They are a California-based brand under the ownership of Select Distribution, a company focused on designing and manufacturing skate related products and action sports protective gear. Founded by Brad Dorfman more than thirty years ago, the distribution company have deep roots in skateboarding; thus, having mostly skate-related products and a company owned woodshop named "The Lumber Yard" USA.

Together with the company's other brands, Smith Scabs protective gear are distributed worldwide. The brand also has a great team of riders including (skate) Simon Sac Reynolds, Dan Hovington, Austin Barnes, Lucas Sanders, Dartanyan Ward, Ocean Braun, Brewce Martin, Jared Albright, Sky Braun, Rodrigo Panadés, Rafael Rivera, (longboard) Francesca Rosario, Eddie Hernandez, (derby) Nicole Larsen, (scooter) GiGi Rosser, and (inline) Davide Giannoni.

Smith Scabs Protective Gear for All Ages

Smith Scabs have a terrific line of protective products for both adults and children. They offer colourful collections to suit the changing styles and needs of every action sport practitioner.

For your groms, there are packs or sets (including elbow pads, knee gaskets and knee pads for kids), Scabs Jr. (knee and elbow pads), and helmets. These are products designed with youngsters' safety in mind. Triple foam cushions are the latest improvements in the product line and the cap design are made to last, but replaceable when necessary.

For adults, the Elite elbow packs, knee pads (for skate and derby), Pro and Kool series (wrist pads), helmets, tops stickers, banners and accessories are all available and designed to fit the active lifestyles of extreme sports athletes. Every protective gear and accessory is made with quality materials that last and with incredible product guarantee.

High Customer Ratings and Positive Feedback

Aside from offering protective products, Smith Scabs provide great product guarantee and customer service. Many customers have experienced these and can attest to such situations wherein they had issues with their gear and got prompt answers and solutions by giving them a call or sending an email.

We've looked into their customer feedback and majority are positive with high ratings. While their protective gear lineup is topnotch, their customer trust is another thing. Many of the folks who left their ratings and comments are raving about the product guarantee being effective and beneficial to customers. They stated situations where the product they received had issues, (even minor ones) the folks at Smith Scabs welcomed their concerns and replaced the problematic items.

If this is your first time to learn about Smith Scabs, don't just take our word for it!

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