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Skateboard Pivot Cups

When you feel your skateboard is a bit wonky while shredding, part of its hardware isn't performing as it used to be. If you haven't made an upgrade or update for a few years, it's best to check your skate's pivot cup. The pivot cup sits between the skate truck and base plate, and it cushions the truck while in motion to prevent friction between the metal parts. Make sure to check your skate's pivot cup for visible wear and tear before shredding again. You can get a brand new set here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Pivot Cups - UK Shop

Similar to skate bushings, pivot cups act as barriers between the base plate and truck. These small rubber cups prevent friction and wearing down of these metal parts when your skateboard is in motion. Worn down pivot cups are sometimes the culprits of wearing down skateboards, thus causing it to be out of control or wobbly while shredding.

Pivot cups are often made of hard polyurethane rubber or hard plastics. Majority of cast trucks available commercially are stocked with pivot cups. Many shredders opt to upgrade them because these stock polyurethane cups are a bit sticky, causing some resistance in your trucks' lean. Friction between the pivot cup and hanger pivot causes the 'stickiness' when turning, resulting to decreased speed and stability.

If you are observant after getting a truck with stock pivot cup, you will notice that after a while the rubber cup becomes loose or deformed. For many skaters, it is essential to replace or upgrade them right away to prevent such scenario in a short period of time.

Today's branded pivot cups are much sturdier and can be easily installed, and they are available here at Yakwax. Get yours today from some of the world-renowned brands in skate hardware - all with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!