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Skateboard Cafe

Skateboard Cafe

It might sound odd to most newbie skaters, but Skateboard Cafe is not your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. Although they have numerous design graphics with cup of coffee and glazed donuts, the brand is gradually growing company producing some of the world's graphically pleasing skateboards and apparel. From t-shirts, hoodies and caps, to socks and sweatshirts, Skateboard Cafe is the go-to brand if you want clean, crisp graphics with a touch of whimsy that appeal to all. Don't miss out on the latest Skateboard Cafe apparel and skateboards! Get them here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery.

Skateboard Cafe Decks and Clothing UK Shop

A small independent skate brand in Bristol that started as a short film project is no longer a rarity in the industry. Without a business plan, the founders of Skateboard Cafe were not aiming for a board company prior to creating a video scene in 2008. It was just a name of a scene in the video from which they based a few t-shirts on.

After a year of selling tees, the founders Rich Smith and Andy Makepeace made small runs of skateboards which they sold in independent local stores. The company developed gradually and in 2012, the Skateboard Cafe brand was born.

Currently, their products are being distributed by Rock Solid Distribution, where Andy works as a General Manager.

Showing their Brand through Steady Streams of Skateboarding Films

From the brand's inception as a series of skateboarding films, the founders continued releasing videos where they feature their skateboards and clothing collection. Their team of local skaters including Mike Arnold, Korahn Gayle, Shaun Currie, Josh Arnott, Ollie Lock and Harry Ogilvie are, of course, in the films showing their sick moves and tricks.

In one interview, Rich Smith mentioned that it is essential to release quality skate footages as it adds soul to their brand. Through videos of their skate team, they are able to express their company to the public, as it's almost impossible for any skate company to work if there are no videos and films to represent them.

Not Just Coffee and Donuts

The brand is known for their rad skateboarding videos, but they are also famous for incorporating food and coffee related imagery in their designs. The brand name itself perfectly represents this, but they are definitely not a coffee shop and they do not sell any food item. However, nothing's impossible with these guys.

It may seem funny to think that a skate company is named as such, but the founders and their crew were very young back then, and they thought the name is cool for their video series. But as an independent brand, there seem to be a similarity between them and their locale's cafe's and small emerging businesses.

Design-wise, Skateboard Cafe predominantly uses clean lines, non-cluttered designs and bold colours that catch the eyes. You will immediately know if it is one of their apparel or boards just with their design aesthetic.

Growing Organically - the Skateboard Cafe Edge

We've read several interviews of the founders and the most asked question is what makes them different from other skate brands.

They are not rushing to reach the pinnacle of success by loading the market with their products. The company is competitive in the sense that they focus on their organic growth, doing it gradually by introducing new items in their product line, as well as designs and films that are well-thought of.

Going mainstream is often the target of many skate brands these days because of the huge market, and Skateboard Cafe is going against the grain to get a fair share in the industry. They are also making their skateboards in Europe and constantly collaborating with local artists and individuals in creating new designs for their products.

Oh, by the way, they also sell umbrellas. We don't know any other brand that does this, but it's for a practical reason and purpose because you'll never know when you need one especially when it rains outside a skate shop.

Skateboard Cafe is definitely one to look out for. It is one of the gradually growing brands of today with focus on good quality apparel and boards with uncomplicated style aesthetic. Shop for their latest products here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery or Worldwide Express delivery service!