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Skate Mental

Skate Mental

For the love of funny graphics and having a good time skating, one brand comes to mind that truly exhibits these characteristics - Skate Mental. As the name implies, skating and having this mentality are what the brand is all about. It seems there is no room for bad vibes or attitude when it comes to their products which include decks, accessories, hats, t-shirts and wheels. Their graphic designs are eye-catching, colourful and with a touch of oddity and wackiness, thanks to their founder Brad Staba. Shop for Skate Mental goods at Yakwax with our awesome FREE UK delivery service.

Skate Mental Decks, Hardware & Clothing

When we took a deeper look at Brad Staba's skateboard brand, Skate Mental, it is all about unique design and quality, while being laid back and not taking things too seriously. If there's one brand out there that truly represents many skaters' outlook on skating and life, it's easy to understand why they choose SkateMental.

The products that Skate Mental create are both genius and funny. Seriously, where can you find a pepperoni pizza griptape? Only Skate Mental has the guts to produce both wacky and 
risqué graphics on boards and many of their skate apparel products such as T-Shirts, caps and other clothing.

A Fairly Small Company Founded by Skateboarders

It was in 2007 when Brad Staba and Reese Forbes founded the brand under Crailtap Distribution (the same company that distributes Girl Skateboards, Royal Trucks and Fourstar). Their products are aimed at skaters who have sense of humour and no-nonsense outlook of the skating industry. Despite the sport itself is being gritty and core, incorporating a bit of fun and hilarity in the product design adds a more light side to skating in general.

Today, Skate Mental is under Big Time Distribution which also houses Tired Skateboards. Their current roster of team riders include Trevor Colden, Dan Plunkett, Brad Staba, Fernando Bramsmark,Tom Karangelov and Karsten Kleppan.

No Tight Contracts

While reading more in depth about Skate Mental, we've come across a few published sources that mentioned the departure of one of its founders (Forbes) and one of its team riders (O'Neill). As a company, there were no tight contracts that can stop them to pursue other projects or entirely leave the company to start their own. Overall, no matter how much cussing Brad does, he's an overall cool dude who's supportive of his friends.

Notably, when Shane O'Neill left, Brad posted "Shane Went" on the brand's Instagram account. He thanked Shane for being a friend and for skating for his small company. Of course, speculations ensued as to where Shane would end up with.

Pizza, Cussing and Doing Whatever They Want

When you take a look at Brad's interviews and YouTube videos, he's often cussing and sarcastic with his approach. Many people will not understand this about him, but he's a cool guy and many of his friends and peers in the skating industry can attest to that.

Despite the sarcastically funny approach, Brad is serious about making stuff for their target market. He's basically doing everything since the company's inception and there's only a handful of people working alongside him. They usually don't mass produce decks; instead they create unique, funny and weird graphics for both regular stock and one-offs.

Skate Mental is the first to launch Nike SB shoes with pepperoni pizza as the design. His love for the super popular Italian delicacy can also be found on a variety of products they sell such as skate decks, grips and air fresheners.

Skating and running a small company can be too much for someone like Brad. But his crazy outlook seems to balance his lifestyle as he and his crew can do whatever they want as long as it's enjoyable for everyone.

So if you're looking for a different skateboard deck, grip, accessories or t-shirt, Skate Mental have a crazy, funny and unique collection every season to meet your needs all year-round. The best part, you can shop for the product range here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!