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Skateboard Truck Bolts

Truck Bolts

Truck bolts, also known as shorties, bolt packs and nuts and bolts, are crucial hardware components of skateboards. They connect the deck to the trucks, so it's essential to not use the wrong bolts on your board. Truck bolts are created specifically for skateboards with self-locking nuts and they are often sold as a pack with complementary tool. Although there will be time you'll need to tighten them, they are expected to remain secure and snug.Shop for truck bolts by Independent,Plus Reserve,Shake JuntandSushiright here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Skateboard Bolts - UK Shop

A skateboard setup won't be complete without proper bolts and nuts. Skateboard nuts and bolts are designed to fit thoroughly in the holes of your deck and your trucks. These holes are basically located on a flat plate where it mounts the truck onto the deck. The self-locking bolts are designed to secure the truck in place with impact of movement and vibration in mind.

Types of Skateboard Bolts

Skateboard bolts come in various shapes and length. The types of bolts you use is simply a matter of personal preference.

  • Countersunk Bolts - This is the most common type that skaters use, where the bolts are set in the deck to develop a levelled surface for smooth skating experience.
  • Raised Head Bolts - This type is specifically designed for drop-through longboards and special materials in longboard construction.
  • Allen Bolts - These bolts have 6-sided socket and Allen-bolt packs with keys.
  • Phillips Bolts - It comes with a cross-shaped socket that can be adjusted easily using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Random Bolts - These bolts require to be hammered in order to attach them into a deck. To tighten the nuts, a skate tool is also needed.

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