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Silver Trucks

Silver Trucks

Silver Trucks are known for their innovative design that meets the demands of modern technical skateboarding. These trucks are deemed durable and with lifetime warranty to backup the quality they promise to the consumer. Choose the ideal truck for your board from Silver Truck's M Class and L Class (premium) categories to meet your specific style of riding. You can get them right here at Yakwax together with our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Silver Skateboard Trucks Online UK Shop

Silver Trucks are renowned all over the globe as one of the top brands to go for when it comes to high-quality skateboard trucks. Founded in 2003, the company was established to fill a void in the industry which is the lack of high-quality and highly innovative skate trucks that can withstand the demands of skaters and the harshest locations they shred.

The company is based in California and represented by an elite team of professional and amateur skateboarders including Chad Timtim, Kyle Leeper, Alex Mizurov, Spencer Brown, Pamela Rosa, Josh Baldwin, Bryant Chapo, Austin Lenahan and Ryan Guiso.

Top-Rated Skate Truck Backed by Lifetime Warranty

Over the years, Silver has always been included in the annual list of top skateboard trucks with their special features on the spotlight. Having axle caps and inverted kingpins on their skate trucks make them stand out from other brands. Silver trucks are not just innovative and unique, they are quite stylish and look nice on skateboards.

Silver skate trucks won't land these top lists on skateboard blogs and review websites if they are as good as they actually are. The quality is backed with lifetime warranty, so if you got a pair with factory defect or your broke them while shredding, you can send them back and they will be replaced by the company. All of the parts such as the kingpin, hanger, axle and baseplate are covered by the warranty.

Overview of Silver Trucks and Tool

  • M Class - These trucks are designed for optimised turning capacity and they perform at a level that effortlessly meet and exceed the high impact requirements of skate trucks. M Class Silver trucks are high-quality, smooth riding and stable thanks to their superb construction and dynamic elements.
  • L Class - These trucks have low-profile structure which is primarily designed for control and enhanced turning. L Class trucks are lightweight which can be attributed to their hollow kingpins and refined baseplates and hangers. If you want skate trucks that fit any level of skateboarding, long-lasting and provide stable and smooth rides, these trucks are the best options.
  • Silver Tool - Every skater's must-have if he's riding a board on Silver trucks is the perfect multi-function tool. Silver Tool offers a variety of superb features such as the exclusive hardware ratchet, precision file and slide-out screwdriver.

If you need to upgrade your skate trucks, Silver is the brand to choose if you wish to improve your skating experience. Don't forget to complement your trucks with the Silver Tool to ensure you're getting the right tool for your new set of high-quality trucks. Order yours today at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!