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Shorty's skate hardware is an institution and renowned to have produced topnotch pro skateboards in the mid-1990's. After refocusing on their original offerings, they continue to produce excellent skate hardware sets, wheels, bearings, bushings and grip tape. They also have apparel, most of which are t-shirts with their bold logo design. If you have been searching for renowned skateboard hardware brands, Shorty's is among the most recommended, with credits to their 20-plus years in the industry. Shop for Shorty's skate hardware right here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Shorty's Skate Hardware UK Shop

Shorty's is a globally reknowned skateboard hardware brand that's been around for over two decades. Started by Tony Buyalos and April Hamrick in between the late 80's and early 90's, the founders thought of a solution to the growing street skateboarding trend and the need for shorter screws back then. They named their skate hardware brand Shorty's for the shorter screws they produce that would match the popular boards back then.

The brand has also branched out, creating other skateboard-based brands such as Black Panther Bearings, Black Magic Grip Tape, Dooks Riser Pads, Quickies and Doh Doh Bushings, among others.

Collectively, Shorty's should be your go-to brand for all sorts of skate hardware and accessories. Perhaps the most popular skate items as predominantly offered by online stores such as ours are the Allen hardware sets, color tip hardware, the steel and ceramic bearings, and Curb Candy skate wax.

Shorty's Skate Hardware in the Glorious 90's

Another aspect that made Shorty's quite popular in the 90's is their alluring model named Rosa. She appeared in many of the brand's ads, which, of course, gained more interest among local and overseas skateboard fans. No one knows what happened to Rosa over the years, but skaters will always remember and associate her name with the Shorty's brand and print ads.

Shorty's skateboards were also produced in the mid-1990 'til 2010. The founder offered skateboarder Chad Muska an opportunity to be a part of the brand when the latter left Toy Machine in 1996.

The brand became one of the most popular in the 1990's especially after the release of the 1998 skate video, Fulfill the Dream. It was a 44-minute film which featured rad skaters such as Steve Olson, Peter Smolik, and Chad Muska. More films followed - Guilty (2001), T-Stance Holmes (2003), and How to Go Pro (2005) - which featured the brand's other team riders Toan Nguyen, Brandon Turner, Sammy Baptista and Jesse Silvey.

Still Around and Not Going Anywhere

Rail skating was taking over around the early 2000 and Chad Muska eventually left the brand in 2006. In 2011, Shorty's Skateboards was finally discontinued by its founder in order to re-focus on their skate hardware.

However, to this day, many skate fanatics are still asking the question "what happened to Shorty's?" They seem to associate just the pro skater, Muska, with the defunct skateboard division. The brand was not just about him, but other skaters and the cool skateboards they used to produce in all those years.

If you have been a fan of Shorty's and were able to witness their glory days when their hardware made it mainstream, you won't forget that their roots are definitely in skate hardware. Surely it was not the best of times when the skateboards division was sacked, but the primary products are definitely alive and well, and also reaching far and wide.

There's always a way to enjoy the renowned hardware by Shorty's...

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