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Surfing can be a hazard to your health when you are not prepared and protected from head to toe. One of the most basic advice you'll hear from avid surfers and doctors is to wear proper earplugs before ripping in the ocean. Seki is one of the most trusted brands today because they make comfortable earplugs that don't diminish your hearing while you're out there surfing. Protect your ears from the harsh effects of cold wind and water, and stay surfing for longer. Shop for Seki earplugs right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Surfing & Swimming Ear Plugs by Seki - UK Store

Surfing is a fun activity that also needs proper care in order for you to enjoy the sport fully, while minimising any health risk. One of these risks involve a condition called 'surfer's ear' which is a bone-like growth in the ear canal that develops over time if you're over-exposed to cold water and wind.

Surfers who hate wearing earplugs have paid the ultimate price of having ear surgery and spending lots of money. Ear infection caused by surfer's ear can be painful and if not treated, could result to hearing loss. Post ear surgery can take weeks to months, so you're out of the water for quite a while.

One of today's brands that specialise in surfing earplugs is Seki. The company is based in New Zealand and founded by Chris Ryan who has first-hand experience with surf ear after years of surfing without wearing earplugs. He underwent surgery after 15 years of enduring excruciating pain, infections, hearing loss and long periods without surfing.

Ryan was compelled to wear earplugs post-surgery to ensure he won't develop surfer's ears again, but he couldn't find the ideal pair among commercially available plugs for swimmers and surfers. He formed a team and invested in research and development, and spent hundreds of hours talking to surfers and testing prototypes among Mavericks surfers like Hunter Murison, Luca Padua and Matt Becker. After two ears, Seki earplugs hit the market.

Seki's crew of avid surfers include Matt Becker (Mavericks surfer), Anna Carlsson Schmidt (surfer, owner of Indi Café in Raglan, New Zealand), Nathan Aish (musician, teacher, super dad/dude), Callum Chuter (captain of New Zealand junior surf team), Kaira Wallace (competitive longboarder and shortboarder), Jesper Sorensen (white water guide and extreme kayaker), Luca Padua (Mavericks surfer), Clive Barron (2016 New Zealand National surf champs 3rd placer), Malcolm Feix (Cal Poly College surf team's competitive shortboarder), Jake Fishman (2016 Nelscott reef Pro-Am 1st placer, surf adventurer), and Hunter Murison (California State University Channel Islands competitive surfer, up-and-coming Mavericks surfer).

Notable Features of Seki Earplugs

  • Comfortable to wear - Made of soft silicone with unique tapered design that creates a snug fit - making these earplugs easy to wear and stay in place
  • Hear your surroundings and fellow surfers - Innovatively designed with ultra-thin membrane that allows sound to pass through
  • Hard to lose in the water - The flat, stretchy and sturdy neck cord makes it impossible for you to lose your Seki earplugs even in heavy wipeouts

If you love to surf, swim and other water sports, it's best to protect your ears and avoid the painful risks. Make sure you have Seki earplugs on-hand wherever you set out to surf. Get them here at Yakwax with our superb FREE UK delivery service!