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Rusty surf wear and clothing brand started in the late 1980's with only several dozens of t-shirts distributed to local sellers. This was a 'sister brand' of the iconic Rusty surfboards, owned and founded by surfer and legendary board shaper, Rusty Preisendorfer. With great craftsmanship and background in design, the founder saw this as an opportunity to expand his surf business into the surf apparel category. Update your surf and street wear with Rusty t-shirts, jackets, swimsuits, footwear and accessories. Get them all here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery service.

Rusty Surf Clothing & Accessories - UK Store

One of the surfing industry's most successful brands that emerged in the late 80's is the Rusty clothing line. This is the same company that creates the world-renowned surfboards with the "R dot" logo.

Rusty surf wear and apparel are catered to men, women and kids who love the beaches, streetwear, summertime and any other fun outdoor activity. Classic, colourful designs and the bold "R dot" logo are typical of the brand's aesthetics.

For those looking for standalone beach and summer apparel, Rusty tops, boardshorts and swimsuits are the best picks. They always have new releases to cater to their ever growing and diverse market. So whether you love surfing or just chilling at the beach, Rusty surf wear and apparel have something for everyone.

The clothing line's brand ambassadors include pro surfers Noa Deane, Lucas Sliveira, Josh Kerr and Sterling Spencer, Aussie stoner pop group Dune Rats, and social media celebrity Olive Cooke, among many others.

Of Surfboards and T-shirts

The founder, Rusty Preisendorfer, is a legendary board shaper who, first and foremost, loves making surfboards. He has shaped boards for more than half the number of the world's finest pro surfers since the 80's.

Making t-shirts was, perhaps, the next best thing to do since he graduated with an art degree and has a background in design. Initially, a few batches of t-shirts were made and sent to local shops. They were so in demand that the shops were ordering more by the dozens. The biggest order was from Pacific Sunwear who wanted 100 dozen with a request to pay the company upon delivery due to Rusty's limited capital.

He partnered with a few friends who helped him with the clothing line. Between 1988 and 1989, the clothing side of the business hired a full-time designer for accessories and apparel. That period was pivotal for the clothing line as the company grew faster than they can afford.

As someone who'd rather stay in the shaping room, Rusty had to deal with a lot of marketing and at least get involved in the graphic design from time to time. However, as the clothing line grew, so did the surfboard side of the biz.

The company as a whole have appointed licensees in Europe, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and South Africa since the early 1990's to the early 2000's with the objective of offering the brand's boards and apparel to core markets.

Rusty Australia

Today, Rusty surf wear is owned by Rusty Australia (Vegas Enterprises) which acquired the global marks for the apparel brand in 2006. The Australian company is focused on the youth market and has taken a fresh look early on, which helped the brand remain as one of world's leading brands in the surfing industry.

The popularity of Rusty surf wear brand is definitely not exclusive to surfing fans all over the globe. Think of beach wear and casual chill out apparel if you're not among the core market; but you will easily realise that this is a brand that transcends surfing.

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