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Rush offer a great selection of skateboard bearings - from all-weather ceramics to glow-in-the-dark titanium-coated variants, to hybrids; all of which are made of high-quality materials to suit every skater's preference in terms of performance. These bearings are not your typical fancy types for they are manufactured using innovative design and process, coupled with heat-resistant and non-corrosive materials to ensure long-lasting shredding in any weather and terrain. Rush also offer longboard bearings and useful metal skate tool. Get the latest set of Rush skateboard bearings right here at the Yakwax store, together with our rad FREE UK delivery service!

Rush Skateboard Bearings UK Store

Among the many popular skate brands in the market today is Rush. They design and manufacture high-quality bearings for both skateboard and longboard. The brand is owned and distributed by Skate Season Inc. - a company in California that also owns a skateboard factory and other related products.

Although Rush have already seen several changes in their roster of team riders, who can forget the time they were represented by rad skaters such as Jon Dickson, Justin Cefia, Abe Olague, Mike Thompson, Kendall Cordova, Bryant Chapo, David Kim and Collin Comito.

Rush Bearings - Definitely Made for Skating

There are a few reasons why Rush bearings are famous among skaters, whether amateur, pro or beginner. Their pricing is absolutely competitive, given the quality and innovation they put in to produce high-performing and long-lasting bearings.

Rush 'Street' bearings for skateboards have the following categories you can choose from:

  • All-Weather Ceramics - These bearings are designed to perform in all types of weather. They are made with stainless steel casing, rubber shields, ceramic balls and corrosion-proof nylon retainer.
  • Hybrid - The Rush hybrid bearings series is a combination of steel and ceramic balls which offer the precision and benefit of ceramic without spending a fortune. The ceramic ball cleans debris and cools down friction which allows the bearings to last and perform longer. Hybrids are made with steel casing, nylon retainer and rubber shields.
  • All-Weather - Among the most popular and durable bearings produced by Rush are the 'all-weather' bearings. These are made of stainless steel casing and balls which prevent corrosion or rusting in humid or wet conditions. The removable rubber shield and nylon ball retainer allows for easy clean-up.
  • ABEC 9's - These are titanium-coated bearings with high micro finish. They are sorted and tested to the highest end. They have the lowest friction point and corrosion-proof nylon ball retainers for easy cleaning.
  • ABEC 7's - These are Rush's best-selling bearings and the most tested. Made with steel casing, nylon retainer and rubber shields, and titanium coating for high micro finish.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Bombers - These cool high-precision bearings are also made with titanium coating, steel casing, nylon retainer and rubber shield.

For Longboards

Also called 'downhill' speed bombers, they possess the best combined performance, innovation, durability and price. They are available in ceramic and ceramic hybrid options which both offer durable, all-weather bearings.

The Unbreakable Skate Tool

Made with strong alloy metal, the Rush skate tool is a must-have for every skater. It includes a 1/2" for axle nut, 1/4" for hardware, and 3/8" for kingpin. It also has an Allen key and Phillips head.

The Bearing Workshop

The Rush website provides plenty of information for skaters, including a 'bearing workshop' page. You can learn more about the four basic parts of their bearings - such as the rubber shield, nylon retainer, inner/outer casing, and 7 balls - and the benefits they offer.

When you need all-weather, all-terrain bearings that last longer, Rush is the go-to brand. Get their innovative skate bearings right here at the Yakwax store, together with our superb FREE UK delivery service!