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Royal Trucks

Royal Trucks

Skaters know which brand to choose when it comes to skateboard trucks. Royal trucks have been around for almost two decades, providing some of the world's most durable skate trucks you can't easily break. They are known for their guarantee in which they provide replacement in the case of manufacturing defect, but they ensure the trucks you get are durable and hard-wearing. Choose from the standard height trucks (5.0", 5.25" and 5.50") or the low variants (5.0" and 5.25") to complement your board. Shop for Royal trucks here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery service!

Royal Skateboard Trucks UK Store

Known for being one of the few brands that create extremely durable skate trucks, Royal truly delivers when it comes to quality and durability of their products.

Royal trucks have been around for almost two decades, thanks to the founders who thought about creating and adding trucks in their roster of skate products. The brand was founded by Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson in 1999, and currently part of the Girl Distribution. After being sponsored as team riders for Girl, these pros decided that it was about time to be involved in the creative process of one of the company's leading skate brands.

In 2011, the founders decided to re-brand with the help of the new art director, Christian Molin. They considered the skate truck as a piece of industrial design which is based on how the product is made; where a mold is used to shape the form by pouring extremely hot molten metal. They used old school typography to go with the new design and added a crown to signify 'quality' and the brand's commitment to creating awesome product for their core market.

The brand's team riders are more than just individuals they sponsor, but these are the guys whom they found already using Royal trucks even before they hire and included them in their ads. The current team includes Corey Kennedy, Justin Eldridge, Mike Carroll, Jerry Hsu, Mikemo Capaldi, Guy Mariano, Jeron Wilson, Vincent Alvarez, Jesus Fernandez, Daryl Angel, Jordan Maxham, Daniel Espinosa and Jose Rojo.

The Royal Guarantee

Everybody knows the renowned 'Guaranteed for Life' of Royal trucks. But this does not include the usual wear and tear of trucks accrued over periods of hard shredding. They will replace any truck that breaks due to material or manufacturing defect. You will also be required to return the product/s and a copy of the sales receipt in order for the returns process to commence. If in case the exact model is no longer in stock, a similar truck with the same shape and size will be sent as a replacement. The processing of returns usually takes two weeks.

Product Expansion

Like most skate brands, Royal is no stranger to the increasing demand for other items related to the sport. From apparel to accessories, many brands have delved into these products in order to keep their target market's loyalty.

Royal have introduced their new hardgoods line to complement their trucks, starting with their keychain tool, bearings and riser. They have also produced their 'Set-Up Kit' which contains all the necessary accessories that skaters would need when getting a new setup.

Their soft goods line also had an expansion which involves new designs for hats, hoodies, beanies and backpacks. Staying updated is crucial if you are a true-blue Royal fan!

Why Skaters Love Royal Trucks

We love browsing the web to see what other skaters have to say about the brands that we carry, and it's interesting and also exciting to know that many positive reviews are available for us to share in this space.

Many of the reviews we have read expressed praises and positive vibes - mostly relating to how durable and high-quality Royal trucks are. Some individuals mentioned they have ridden their old boards with 'never been replaced' trucks for over five years. Others mentioned about doing difficult tricks and benefitting from the lightweight, long-lasting and great pops they enjoyed while riding with Royal trucks.

Of course, it's always the end-user who knows the best experience and results from using these popular trucks. So when it's time to replace yours, better get those Royals installed on your board to see the difference.

You can get the latest models and other new fun stuff from Royal trucks right here at the Yakwax store! Anything you order comes with our rad FREE UK delivery service.