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Rebel 8

Rebel 8

Rebel8 is a globally recognised clothing and accessories brand with designs greatly inspired by vintage tattoo artistry, classic skateboard graphics, and graffiti. With a seasoned tattoo artist as head of design, the resulting works on every t-shirt, headwear, jacket, bottoms and accessories are bold and uniquely stunning. Rebel8 typically has themes of punk DIY and anti-authority attitudes. The brand pretty much appeal to skate fans, alternative lifestyle practitioners, punk rock fans and anyone who loves bold graphics on clothing. Get your Rebel8 apparel and accessories here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery service.

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World renowned clothing and accessories brand Rebel 8 has captured the attention of those who love punk rock, alternative, skateboarding and streetwear. Basically, this is a brand that's edgy and cool enough to wear even if you're not into any of these subcultures.

The love of graffiti and classic tattoo art is just one of the many reasons why Rebel8 came to be. With a humble beginning of putting up a small operation of printed t-shirts sold in his school and among friends, the founder was able to secure an opportunity that would turn out to be a global success.

With skateboard graphics, vintage tattoo art and graffiti ingrained within the core design style, there's also the punk DIY and anti-authority attitudes exuded throughout the brand's product line. So whether you just love the usual t-shirts or you go for complementary items such as sweaters, jackets, bottoms, caps, beanies, wovens and accessories, Rebel8 offers products with artistically graphic designs that are like no other.

Essentially, when there's a brand as rad as Rebel8, we can expect artists and a variety of celebrities wearing them. Celebrities spotted wearing Rebel8 include Travis Barker of Blink-182, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and Hayley Williams of Paramore.

When Joshy D. Met the "Giant"

Rebel8's founder, Joshy D., reached out and started exchanging emails with seasoned tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant in 1999. After months of sending messages, he met up with the artist in San Francisco and got his first tattoo.

The two became friends over the years. At one point Joshy asked Mike to write out "Rebel8" a few times because he was planning to use them as designs on t-shirts. The very first Rebel8 screen-printed tees were created and sold from a messenger bag in 2003. With only $500 in capital and a small number of local customers from Joshy's school, some folks he met on the street, and his own friends and family members.

Since 2007, Mike Giant became exclusive to the brand, but he has always been the head artist of the creative team. Joshy takes care of branding and marketing.

A Play of Words

In an interview, Joshy was asked about the brand's name and where it originated. He said it was a play of words without any real meaning.

He started playing with words and had a "revelation" and from there he derived "revelate" which means 'to reveal'. Then he changed the spelling and added a number to come up with Rebel8. There may not be an epic story behind the name, but it is somehow parallel to the company's 'no hype, no bullshit' attitude.


Rebel8 have collaborated with numerous other brands and artists over the past years. There are still many more collaborations underway as we know it, since the brand is well-known in the tattoo and graffiti community.

They have collabs with Rancid, Mishka, Famous Stars and Straps, Ironlak, True Clothing, RAH, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Tristan Eaton, and Vans.

It's not difficult to see why Rebel8 is as popular as it is today. They carry products with epic design aesthetics that are unmatched by the latest generation of brands in the punk and streetwear categories.

If you love unique designs based on graffiti and tattoo, you will love Rebel8 apparel and accessories. Get their latest collection right here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service!