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Real Skateboards have been around for over two decades providing well-constructed 7-ply decks for riders of all skill levels. They offer a great selection of board constructions to cater to the specific requirements of riders. Founded and operated by skaters for their fellow skaters, Real is as ‘real’ as you can get once you shred the streets and parks with their latest boards. Get yours today at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!

Real Skateboards, Decks & Apparel – Online UK Store

Many of today’s skate brands have compelling backstories and advocacies that inspire not just skateboarders, but anyone who wants to delve into any business endeavour. Real Skateboards is one of those brands that truly make an impact in the skating lives of riders and of those they support and inspire.

Real was founded in 1991 by professional skaters Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud. The company is based in San Francisco and distributed by Deluxe since business commenced. The brand is primarily known for producing high-quality skateboards that meet the varying styles of skaters. They ensure that whatever they make for their pro team will be made available for all skateboarders across the globe since no two skaters are alike in style.

The Real Team and Videos

Currently, the brand is focused on producing skate decks and apparel with rad, colourful graphics and logo designs that truly catch the eye. The best way to see them in action is by watching video ads and clips featuring the Real team riders including (pro) Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair, Chima Ferguson, Kyle Walker, Peter Ramondetta, Jake Donnelly, Davis Torgerson, Justin Brock, Robbie Brockel, Zion Wright, James Hardy, Ernie Torres, JT Aultz, Keith Hufnagel, Max Schaaf, (am) Jack Olson, Willy Lara, Antoine Asselin, Jafin Garvey, Harry Lintell, Hermann Stene, Massimo Cavedoni and Tanner Van Vark.

If you love skateboarding videos of yesteryears and today, real has a rad collection from the 90’s to the present – The Real Video, Non-Fiction, Kicked Out of Everywhere, Real to Reel, Seeing Double, Recipe for Disaster, Life and Times, Remix Project V.1.1, From the Vaults Vol. 1, Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Since Day One, Surveillance series, Actions REALized collection of videos, Out of Sight series, and By Any Means series.

Skateboard Constructions

As mentioned earlier, Real makes superb skateboards for everyone and not just for their team riders. They pride themselves to providing only excellent boards to professionals, amateurs and neighbourhood shredders. They have categorised their boards based on their specific features, so individual skaters can choose the best match for their riding style.

  • Heavyweights – These are built with the standard 7-ply decks with two exclusive thicker x-bands that result in sturdier, stiffer and bit heavier boards. They are 12.5% stronger and offer longer ‘new board’ feel. 
  • Full – These boards have full width from nose to tail that are 1/8” wider all the way through.
  • Low Pro II – They have stiffer x-bands reinforced with additive-free glue that bonds between plies minus the extra weight. These boards are made to last longer and provide riders with more board control because of lower centre gravity.
  • R1 – Real’s signature board construction with two x-bands for durability and lasting pop. These boards are stiff and with enough flex.
  • Slick – These boards allow you to slide anywhere as they are built with exclusive ribbed polymer fused to the bottom ply using heat to achieve lighter and stiffer ride. They provide maximum full deck coverage and reduced surface drag.

Action REALized

The people behind Real believe that skateboarding is not just a fun activity or sport, but also a means to help carry out undertakings to help children’s charities, hospitalisation and medical needs. This division was established in 2013 when Thiebaud and friend Billie Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day collaborated to produce a special skate deck for the benefit of the Children’s Hospital and Research Centre Oakland. Other projects include their contributions to help fight childhood leukaemia and relief efforts during the 2011 Japanese earthquake.

Real is truly the epitome of ‘realness’ when it comes to their skate products, visions and advocacies. If you want to experience Real skateboarding, better grab one their skateboards today! Available at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery.