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Protecting yourself while enjoying your favourite action sports is a must every time. Especially for newbies, young groms and hardcore pros, Pro-Tec helmets and pads provide protection on crucial parts of the body you're while engaged in the activity and doing epic tricks. Pro-Tec helmets and pads are innovative and offer protection for skaters, BMX bikers, and other action sports practitioners. So before you go out and try your idol's moves, make sure you are protected from head to limbs! Get Pro-Tec helmets and pads here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Pro-Tec Helmets and Pads UK Shop

There is always the possibility of injury when it comes to action sports - whether it's skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX biking and many others. Often times, advanced riders stay away from protective gear such as helmets and pads because they think these products may get in the way of their favourite activity.

However, the inevitability of injuries could affect even expert riders. This is one of the many reasons why there are protective products such as Pro-Tec helmets and pads.

The company was founded in 1973 and considered a pioneer in skateboarding protective gear which initially featured the market's most familiar design of helmets. Even with the prolific imitations in the market, usually created by younger brands, no other company or brand can duplicate Pro-Tec's innovative and stylish helmets and protective pads.

The 21st Century further enables Pro-Tec to design more advanced protective gear with a wide range of impact technology for various sports. However, the company's roots are significantly embedded in skateboarding and BMX biking since these extreme sports became popular also in the early 70's. You will see classic photos of Pro-Tec pro rider Steve Caballero and some of the dare devils of early BMX riding competitions wearing their 80's style helmets.

Today, you will find the greatest professional riders in Pro-Tec's team such as the legendary Steve Caballero, Alex Perelson, Lizzie Armanto, Lincoln Ueda, Bucky Lasek, Jimmi Wilkins, Josh Borden, Christian Hosoi and Omar Hassan.

Main Product Offerings

  • Skate Helmets - The Pro-Tech Classic skate helmet has become the archetypal skate helmet over the years. It is known for its design, comfort, protection, fit and durability. Whether you prefer Certified or Classic 2-stage, they are definitely unrivalled.
  • Biking Helmets - The company is known to provide dual certified biking helmets for maximum safety and awesome aesthetics. Bikers also benefit and enjoy the comfort and classic appeal of these lightweight helmets.
  • Protective Pads - There's a great range of protective pads available for both young and old. Whether you need to protect your head, elbows, knees or hips, Pro-Tec's got you covered.

A Little Info About Pro-Tec Helmet Liners

  • Pro-Tec uses different helmet liners, all with varying qualities and purposes for the wearer.
  • 2-Stage Liner - These liners are designed for minimal impact and they are highly comfortable, lightweight and available on Classic Skate, Classic Full-Cut and Ace Skate helmets. 
  • EPS Liner - These are the standard liners for action sports helmets, but they are not designed for multiple impacts. EPS or Expanded Polystyrene liners provide greater impact protection than the 2-stage liner. It is available on the Classic, B2 and Ace bike and skate helmets, as well as the Pro-Tec snowboard helmes.
  • SXP Liner - The SXP or Surface-Activated Expanded Polypropylene liner offers protection for multiple impacts and can be used for both biking and skateboarding. The B2 and Ace bike and skate helmets feature the SXP liner since it is light and stiffer. It also offers high-impact protection that's designed to rebound without long-term condensing.

End-Users (Customers) Love Pro-Tec Helmets and Protective Pads

Customers love Pro-Tec helmets and protective pads as evidenced on the high ratings on different online shops. They like the comfortable feel and lightweight properties of these products especially when worn while enjoying their favourite action sport.

Aesthetically, many folks have mentioned that their kids like the styles and were even surprised when they've worn them the first time. Although one common remark is the sizing, which is pretty much understandable since buying online doesn't guarantee if the helmet or pads will fit perfectly or accurately matches your size.

Protection from high-impact sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX biking and other activities should always be a top priority no matter what skill level you have. Invest in protective gear by Pro-Tec to make sure that you are always safe and far from injuries.

Get their latest helmets, elbow and knee pads and other protective gear right here at the Yakwax store! All with FREE UK delivery service!