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If you want classic skate decks with artistic flair and rich history, Prime is the among the top brands to go for. Choose from their Prime Heritage, Rideable Art, Pocket Pistols and Blue Skateboards series to find what suits your style. Complement your choice of deck with Prime t-shirt, wheels and hardware to fully enjoy their offerings. Order yours here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Prime Skateboard Decks & Clothing - UK Store

Prime Wood LA was a furniture company founded in 1930 by Italian-American businessman Ceasare Tuccinardi. The company made high-quality handcrafted furniture and they are known for creating custom-made breakfast nooks. Soon after, Ceasare's three sons Phil, Louie and Lorrie joined to establish Prime as a family business.

Around 1964, Prime started curving plywood for some of their furniture. The Tuccinardi family built their own presses for these projects and eventually were used in creating some of the first 'kick tail' skateboards. Early skate brands such as Z Products and Madrid had their woods pressed by Prime and were among the first skateboards pressed by the company in the late 1960's.

One of the founder's sons, Phil, worked with skaters Rodney Mullen and Steve Rocco in the late 1980's to create the perfect modern skateboard. They spent countless hours shaping and tweaking things at the factory to come up with high-quality boards. Around this time, Prime was also producing skateboards for other companies including World Industries, Blind, Birdhouse, Plan B, Flip, Baker, Hookups, Shorty's and The Firm, among many others. The company had 220 employees and running 24/7, enabling them to produce 2.4 million skateboards a year.

The Tuccinardi brothers retired in 2008 and sold the company to skateboarder-musician Scott Holloway. The company's US-based production facility was then relocated to South Pasadena in Los Angeles, California. Prime's current employees are passionate skateboarders, ensuring their products are made with quality and with other skaters in mind.

Prime Skateboard Products


Prime makes 100% handcrafted skate decks at their facility in Los Angeles. They have wide selection that features artistic design prints from their in-house designs to artist collaborations.
  • Rideable Art is an exclusive artist series curated by legendary artist, musician and photographer, O. The first featured artist is the legendary Tim Kerr whose creative works have been featured across the globe.
  • Prime Heritage skateboards are limited-edition boards that pay homage to the sport. Recreating legendary skateboards with original shapes using the good-old Prime presses that produced the original versions.
  • Pocket Pistols are manufactured in the company's Southern California facility using 100% hard-rock Durolite Canadian Maple wood. These boards are noted for their pop and sturdiness, and they are trusted by skaters all over the world.
  • Blue Skateboards is a collection of re-issued boards designed by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras in 1991, as well as new board designs by in-house artist.

Accessories and Hardware

  • Gizmos Wheels are available in 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 55mm and 56mm. These are white wheels with black branding/logo graphics.
  • Griptape that's fine grade and perfect for your Prime skateboard deck.
  • 'Concept' Skate Tool is an all-around tool with built-in bearing press, ratcheting dual-direction wobble drive, Kingpin with 9/16" socket and Allen key, axle nut with ¬Ω" socket, mounting hardware with 3/8" socket, screwdriver, and magnetic hex key.


Prime has a collection of t-shirts that complement the skate series Pocket Pistols and Prime Heritage. Made with top-grade cotton in white or black and with logo prints and other designs at the front and back. Complement your board with these tees to rock an iconic style.

There are plenty of iconic brands in the skateboarding industry and Prime is among the oldest-running. From a furniture shop to skateboard press company to a full-fledged skateboard company, they are among the most dedicated not just in the business, but most definitely in creating boards and related products for their consumers.

If it's time to upgrade your skating gear, better choose an iconic brand to ensure you're getting only the best board. Prime skateboard decks, wheels, accessories and apparel are available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!