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Plus Reserve

Plus Reserve

The need for nuts and bolts among skateboarders is a normal thing. There will always come a time when you need to tighten the screws of your board to achieve better riding experience and for regular maintenance. This is why Plus Reserve is an essential brand of skateboard hardware since they cater to all skaters, whether they prefer Phillips or Allen screw heads. With the versatility of Plus Reserve hardware and its reversible tool, you can maintain or fix your skateboard whenever you need it. Get Plus Reserve hardware here at Yakwax, together with our killer FREE UK delivery service.

Plus Reserve Skateboard Hardware UK Shop

One of the basic practices that a skateboarder should always adhere to is keeping a hardware set in hand. This is because of the nature of the sport itself which requires fast motion that impacts all of the parts of the board. Even with a great board, there is always a possibility of loosen screws due to the impact of shredding and making those hardcore tricks. Plus Reserve truck bolts are among the the best skateboard hardware in the market that works well with both Allen and Phillips screw heads.

Developed by pro skateboarder Josh Kalis, Plus Reserve skate hardware is currently distributed by Syndrome Distribution, Inc. from their Vista, California headquarters. The brand have partnered with Hella Clips in producing the 1" Hella Clips Skateboard Hardware that also have the versatility in both screw and tools to meet every skater's need.

Game Changing Universal Skateboard Hardware

When mounting your board, it is essential to use the right tools with the set of hardware you have. Plus Reserve solved this problem of choosing between an Allen wrench and Phillips screw in order to properly mount a deck onto the sate truck. By creating a screw head that matched both tools which all come as a set, you won't have the problem of fixing and maintaining your skateboard in the soonest time possible.

Whether you need the standard 7/8" black hardware or the collaborative 1" set, you can always go out and skate, ready and equipped with a versatile hardware which can also benefit your skating buddies whenever necessary.

Positive Customer Reviews

There's nothing like reading good reviews for a product that we also sell here at Yakwax.

Many skaters find Plus Reserve a good product overall. Most comments are directed at the 'good value' they get for purchasing a set of either Hella Clips collaboration set or the standard one. Some would love to see a completely coloured set instead of just a pair of screws. But most importantly, customers who bought Plus Reserve skate hardware love the versatility of the product.

With reviews like these and 4 to 5 stars rating, you can be sure that you're getting premium quality skate hardware with Plus Reserve. Always keep them handy wherever you go - for maintenance, mounting a new deck or replacing and tightening screws for better shredding.

While there are many more brands of skate hardware out there, giving Plus Reserve a try may change the way you shred. Be equipped with the right hardware and tools, so you can shred and do tricks without hassles. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK delivery service!