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Known as the classic plastic skateboard that's made in Australia by a skater with decades of knowledge and enthusiasm in the sport, Penny Skateboards exceed all expectations particularly of those who might think they cannot be used for making rad tricks. They are available in 22", 27" and 37" for a variety of riding styles, skill levels and individual preference. To complete your skating adventure, you better have Penny backpacks with zippered pull-out pouches that support 22" and 27" Penny skateboards. Get your Penny skateboards and backpacks here at Yakwax and enjoy our wicked FREE UK delivery service!

Penny Skateboards and Backpacks - Online UK Store

Penny is the name that resonates among classic skateboard lovers. This is the go-to brand if you want plastic short cruisers that are as tough as any 7-ply board in the market. Such boards may seem like a teenager's gear, but you'd be surprised to see numerous enthusiasts and pros shredding with their Penny.

Founded in 2010 by an Australian named Ben Mackay, the brand's inception was inspired by the founder's very first skateboard given to him by his father when he was five. He also named his company after his sister, Penny. A revived category in the skateboarding industry, the brand matched their high-quality plastic decks with cruiser wheels and trucks.

These skateboards can be purchased as completes or as separate parts since they are all manufactured separately. You can get these decks in three different sizes - 22", 27" (the Nickel) and 36" (longboard). Aside from being lightweight, the durability of the original Penny deck is known to be 'unbreakable' even when run over by a car, because they are designed to absorb enormous amount of force.

Penny is also known for their skateboard backpacks which are especially designed to fit the brand's skateboards. Equipped with skate 'tail' pouches and straps to hold your board, so you can take it anywhere you go. They come in a variety of colours and designs just like the boards they carry.

Made for Students and People On the Go

It's not surprising to see college kids and teens sporting their Penny skateboards and backpacks these days. Since the first few years of the company, students and groms are often seen with these products in college campuses and local skate parks. The skateboards became a popular mode of transport for these kids since they are small enough to be kept inside school lockers.

The coastal areas are among the most frequented places by Penny skaters where they cruise along the ocean-side footpaths and boardwalks. Skating barefoot is also common as the brand promote the gesture via social media and through t-shirts and stickers.

Tricks You Can Do with Penny Skateboards

While most skaters prefer to do tricks on 7-ply wooden skateboards because they have become the standard boards for both amateurs and professionals, many tricks can be achieved on a Penny.

The most common tricks are the Ollie (jumping trick) and the Manual (rolling while balancing on two back wheels) which can be done on Penny skateboards. Other basic tricks you can do include Kickflips and Heelflips. If you love classic tricks you can also do the Boneless and No Comply tricks. Variations of other tricks such as Pop Shove It, Fakie Bigspin, Hippie Jump and Frontside No Comply are also doable on a Penny.

Collaborations with Other Brands and Individuals

Numerous brands and creative individuals have collaborated with the company to create limited editions and some of the industry's finest skateboard designs.

These are just some of their collaborative projects over the years:

  • The Critical Slide Society - This collab involved a limited 27" board produced with graphic content from the legendary T.C.S.S. to showcase art, surf, skate, and fun.
  • The Simpsons - One of the latest Penny collabs emphasise the iconic characters of this famous TV series on the undersides of the boards, with their names or quirky taglines written on the skate wheels.
  • Don Pendelton - This creative collaboration with the artist, Don Pendelton, involved creating limited editions of 22" and 27" decks with super cool and colourful artistic designs.
  • I Ride I Recycle - This collaboration involved recycled decks inspired by Art of Board's signature all-over skate tile pattern on an organic 27" Penny board to help spread the advocacy of recycling old boards.
  • The Hundreds - Another brand with multiple collaborations with Penny which involved the 'Nickel' board, colourful wheels and an assortment of branding of the two companies.
  • Rastaclat - They have collaborated several times producing colourful graphic designs on complete skateboards including limited editions.
  • Bro Style - This collaboration involved a limited edition 27" compete skateboard designed with Bro Style's 'thumbs up', colourful trucks and wheels, and a signature feel good vibe.

If you haven't tried shredding with a Penny skateboard and carrying one on their signature backpacks, now is the perfect time!

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