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Organika Skateboards is one of the few skate brands that incorporate nature and harmony with the environment as part of its influences. You'll find representations of culture, sacred geometry and subtle colour schemes on their skate decks and apparel line. Choose among Organika's lineup of 7-ply skate decks for your next shredding sessions, and complete your look with matching top and/or outerwear if the weather becomes nippy. If it's time for an update, Organika is the brand to try. Get their latest products here at Yakwak together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Organika Skateboards and Apparel - Online UK Store

If there's a skate brand that follows a deeper and naturalistic approach, it is Organika.

Founded in 2002 by Karl Watson and Troy Morgan, they made sure that their skate brand is environmentally conscious and in harmony with their surroundings. With strong influences drawn from nature, sacred geometry and culture, among many other humanitarian aspects, Organika presents mindfulness, going against the grain and thinking out of the box which aim for individuality and growth.

In the first few years of Organika, they focused mainly on skateboard decks and building their brand with the help of awesome riders in the amateur and pro categories. They have been represented by skaters such as Adelmo Jr, Miles Silvas, Quim Cardona, Zach Lyons and Walker Ryan.

A Different Approach Used by Organika Skate Apparel

The use of subtle designs and vibrant colour schemes define the signature style of the brand which sets them apart from all other skate brands today. They usually emphasise culture, roots and healthy, balanced lifestyle. This positivity, coupled with the humanitarian approach of the company is enough to send their message across their core market and anyone who appreciates their products and design aesthetic.

Over the course of more than ten years, Organika made the decision to create a line of skateboarding apparel. Their same conscious approach to design is applied on their latest product category with graphics ranging from simple logo design to plant life, chakra and intricate geometrical patterns.

This conscious approach also extends beyond product design for they have also cultivated thousands of social media followers. Their marketing strategy is focused on spreading positivity and strength of the spirit in skating. The hashtag #GrowWithUs resonates to over 36,000 Instagram followers and close to 90,000 Facebook followers. With a community of loyal followers this big, there's no doubt the brand will continue to exist despite the challenges in the industry.

Pro Riders Leaving

By early 2016, two of Organika's pro skaters have already left - Mike Silvas and Walker Ryan. It was around December 2015 when the two guys simultaneously announced their decision to leave the company as pro team riders. Both have only left an Instagram post stating their decision and only positive, encouraging words for their followers and their friend Karl.

The Brand Still Exists and Is Not Yet Done

But such decisions do not go unnoticed especially by the fans and followers of the brand. Questions arise and the right way to face them is to give an answer to prevent the fans from wondering.

Karl was interviewed around 2016 regarding this matter and all he could say was the company "had a lot going out, and not enough coming back in" and they are "making some good moves toward bettering skateboarding".

There is truly much going on within the company itself and their people. But from this statement and with retailers like us still selling their products, it is clear that Organika is still alive and shredding! They may not be as loud in terms of marketing and announcing their every move, but we are sure that their rad items are still out and ready for their loyal supporters to enjoy.

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