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Mr Zogs

Mr Zogs

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax may sound suggestive and controversial for some, but this brand is an institution in the California surf scene for over four decades. There are four variations of surf wax to choose from - Original, Quick Humps, Really Tacky and Navel Wax (for body boards) which are also available in various fragrances and (water) temperature-based formulations. If you also love snowboarding, Mr. Zogs have two wax types to choose from - the "melt-on" and "rub-on". When it's time to surf, never leave home without Mr. Zogs Sex Wax! Get them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK delivery!

Sex Wax Surfing Products UK Store

Like many surfing products, California-made Mr. Zogs Sex Wax is renowned all over the globe. With over four decades of existence and continuous support from loyal customers and pro surfing team, the brand and their leading products have become households in international and local surf shops, sporting goods stores and retailers.

Mr. Zogs is known for their surfboard wax which is specially formulated to coat surf decks and provide ample traction for the surfer, so he can stay on his feet for longer whilst ripping the waves. The brand offers four types of Sex Wax, namely Original, Quick Humps, Really Tacky and Navel Wax for body boards. These wax variants come in different fragrances and formulations based on water temperatures they are made for.

The company also produces two types of snowboard wax - the 'melt-on' variant is available in three formulas for different snow conditions; and the 'rub-on' variant is an all-purpose type that works for most snow conditions.

Mr. Zog also produces other products such as candles, X-wax tar and wax remover, wax combs, key chains, beach towels, boxer shorts, t-shirts and stickers. So, if you love the brand and the wax they make, you will also love these other surf-based items to complete your collection.

Of course, no renowned surf brand is complete without the big names in the industry that support them. The pro and amateur surfers that support and use Sex Wax include (USA) Jabe Swierkocki, Crosby Colapinto, Eithan Osborne, Parker Coffin, Jak Ziets, Bella Kenworthy, Alyssa Spencer, Nick Marshall, Steffi Kerson, Taro Watanabe, Tomy Coleman, Nolan Rapoza, Griffin Colapinto, Eli Hanneman, Conner Coffin, Mahina Maeda, Jett Schilling, Luke Gordon, Jake Davis, Kanoa Igarashi and (Australia) Kyuss King, among many others.

Mr. Zog is Real!

One of the brand's founders is a chemist named Nate Skinner. He is responsible for the creation of the waxes since 1972. The other half of the founding duo, you guessed it, is Mr. Zog himself. Named Frederick Charles Herzog, III in real life, Mr. Zog is an Orange County native who loves to surf the local breaks.

Mr. Zog attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, a university located nearby the ocean and local surfing spots. He opened a small surf shop after graduating, where he shaped and sold boards to local surfers. Now he runs the company together with Mr. Skinner, but you can also find him surfing with his grown children at various local surfing destinations.

Customers Love Mr. Zogs

We've checked out some websites and online retailers selling Sex Wax and majority of the customers have positive reviews and praises for their waxes. One guy mentioned that he's been using Sex Wax for over thirty years and he loved it then as he loves it now for the quality.

Many have mentioned the ease of use of Mr. Zogs waxes; in fact some them have tested the products on various surfing and kayaking locations such as the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Superior and Hawaii. Whether warm or cold waters, these waxes have proven thousands of times their effectiveness and benefit to the end user.

We have also read customers who have used Sex Wax on their kayak paddles and hockey sticks; while others gift away the products to surfers and snowboarders who are either friends or members of their family.

Sex Wax in the Limelight

There were movies and TV series where Mr. Zogs Sex Wax was used as a prop. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle used the pineapple variant on a credit card which led the protagonists to locate a murderer. In Point Break, the protagonists found small amount of wax at the crime scene, which enabled them to determine that some of the robbers are surfers. In NCIS, Sex Wax was featured in the "Bikini Wax" episode.

Surely, Mr. Zogs Sex Wax is more popular than ever with its Hollywood exposure, great team of pro surfers and the good old word of mouth marketing that is constant to this day. The name of their product may sound hilarious, controversial and suggestive, but it is all in good fun and for effective marketing strategy.

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