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Moustache + Beard

Guys with beard and moustache know the huge difference between not using any grooming products from using them and doing so religiously. If you have decided to grow facial hair, you need to invest on products to keep your skin and facial hair healthy. Whether you're growing a half or full beard and stache, make sure you have proper grooming products on-hand. Get your moustache and beard care products byMr Bear Family - available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Moustache & Beard Care Products

There are many reasons why modern men grow facial hair. Some find them necessary especially in the cold winter months, while others want to be manlier. But in Britain, between 1842 and 1971, there were more eligible bachelors versus single women. They grew beard and moustache to increase their chances of getting a mate since men with facial hair are perceived stronger and more dominant.

Facial hair, then and now, is indeed the fad among men. But one thing's for sure, if you grow facial hair, you will need grooming products to help you tame those manes. There are waxes, oils and soaps especially made for facial hair and skin which help in softening the strands and keeping the area clean and healthy.

It's no joke to grow and maintain facial hair. Just like hair on your head, you'd want your stache and beard strong and soft, and your skin flake-free and moisturised. When you have well-maintained facial hair and skin, it definitely shows.

Tame those tresses with moustache and beard grooming by Mr Bear Family and other top brands. Available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!