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Mouse griptape sets the bar higher for this often beaten part of the skateboard. We always see it as a functional part of the deck, but for the creator and artist behind the brand, it is just another canvas and opportunity to share his creative side and enhance a rather boring black sheet of grip. From animals to cartoon characters, to rappers and alien abduction, Mouse griptape is one of the most creative products out there for skaters to appreciate and ride on. Buy your Mouse skateboard grip tape here at Yakwax and benefit from our FREE UK delivery service.

Mouse Skateboard Griptape - UK Store

The typical skateboard griptape usually just gets beaten up due to the regular wear and tear it undergoes. It is plain, usually black in colour and does not catch the eye; whilst the underside of a skate deck is often vibrant, expressive and has signature design depending on the brand you use.

But if you want both sides to look attractive and somehow represent who you are or what you love besides skating, a creative Mouse griptape can make a difference. With popular designs such as the faces of Bob Marley, Biggie, Tupac and Eazy E, as well as alien abductions and a hotchpotch of familiar and zany things.

Founded in 2008, Mouse is actually a namesake alias of the artist and founder of the brand. It's all about stencil artistry at its finest and you can find it not just on griptape but on t-shirts and art pieces, also created by the artist.

Both pro and amateur skaters are seen using Mouse griptape on their decks. These include Justin Figueroa, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Gareth Stehr, Don "The Nuge" Nguyen, Richie Belton, Adam Alfaro, Abdias Rivera, David Reyes, Chad Knight, Jeremy Peckham and Jon Dickson among many others.

The Skate Artist

For any great artist, there's no such thing as a 'fixed medium' for expressing creativity. But when you're both skateboarder and artist, the combination is potent and the resulting work is purely genius.
This is how we look at Michael "Mouse" Bastidas, owner and the artist behind the namesake skate brand. Basically, he's an artist by heart and loves skating the streets of Oceanside, California since he was young.

He was around 16 when he started painting skate grips for himself and his friends. The spray painted grips became popular among local skaters who saw the work he did and word spread fast among their pals. Some kids would post videos which exposed their Mouse griptape, causing a viral effect among skaters in and outside of the community.

When asked where his alias came from, he mentioned on an interview that he got drunk and a guy named Knox (?) called him 'mouse' because he was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

Humble Beginnings

Mouse's earlier works involve using old beer cases as stencils to create one-off shirts for his pals. His talent and passion for stencil art paved the way for an opportunity in the skateboarding world which led him to create elaborate designs for deck grips.

He didn't want to work for anyone except for himself, so he stuck with the two things he loves and calls himself a 'skate artist'. His process is meticulous since he begins with making stencils for the designs before spray painting them one by one on every griptape.

Mouse usually works on hundreds of griptape based on the designs he had in mind or a re-imagined design based on an existing subject such as animals, cartoon characters, famous people and pop culture. He also creates custom designs whenever someone comes to his studio with a request. He's made custom grips for Tony Hawk and Jamie Thomas, and also a few rockers.

There's no machinery involved, so it's always a painstaking manual work for the artist. Luckily, Mouse's studio also has a skating area where he can let loose and relax for a while.

Collaborations with Other Skate Brands

The popularity of Mouse's talent spread throughout the skating world and beyond. He has worked with DC, DGK, Grizzly, BC skate decks, Emerica and Nitro snowboards.

With great talent and passion for the sport, Mouse has truly lived up to the brand mantra of "Paint. Skate. Dominate."

If you're looking for a cool unique addition on your next deck take a look at our Mouse griptape collection right here at Yakwax and take advantage of our FREE UK delivery service.