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Modom is an Australian surf brand that mainly produces premium surfboard tail pads, leashes and board bags. It's headed by former pro surfer Jack Perry who founded Modom in 2009. Since the company is known for superb surf leashes and grips, it became a finalist in the 2016 SBIA Surf Industry Awards. All of Modom surf accessories such as traction pads and leashes are tried and tested in the heavy waters of Victoria, Australia and wherever the pro team is competing. Shop for premium quality surf products by Modom at Yakwax, with FREE UK delivery.

Modom Surf Accessories - UK Online Store

The cold, rugged setting of Victoria, Australia is home to Modom, the country's renowned surf traction and leash brand headed by ex-pro surfer, Jack Perry. The company was founded in 2009 with passion for surfing and innovative mindset as driving forces.

Modom created a world-first packaging for traction pads and is continuously developing materials for surf leashes that the market demands. The company is notorious for constantly challenging itself, utilising innovation and industry knowledge to create superb quality products that will allow surfing at the highest level.

The company was one of the main contenders in the 2016 SBIA Surf Industry Awards, which is fitting since they are known for producing quality surf products with passion for the sport and design aesthetics in mind.

Signature Surf Products

Modom's brand ambassadors are among the first in line to try and test the quality and usability of their tail pads and leg ropes in some of Australia's most unforgiving waters. Their pro surf team includes Taj Burrow, Jack Freestone, Craig Anderson, Mark Matthews, Kalani David, Alana Blanchard and Noah Beschen.

Also, most of these pros have their own signature traction pads with designs influenced by their respective team rider and produced with Modom's innovative approach.

Breaking the U.S. Market

It was in 2014 when the brand broke into the U.S. Market. With products available in fine surf shops all over the country and online, both amateur and pro U.S. surfers can now ride with Modom surf leashes, grips and board bags.

Shark Leash

The rise of shark attacks has prompted Modom and U.S. based Sharkbanz Technology to create the game-changing shark deterrent surf leash.

This collaboration involves a patented technology which was developed by tenured chemists and marine biologists over a period of ten years. The research and trials used involved magnetic deterrent on a variety of shark species specifically predatory ones such as Tiger and Bull sharks which have a history of attacking surfers.

The magnetic deterrent does not harm the sharks and any other nearby sea creatures. It specifically disrupts the shark's electrical sense by causing an extremely unpleasant sensation that puts off the animal away from the surfer.

The major caveat of the Modom shark deterrent surf leash is there's no guarantee of 'no shark interactions'. This product can only reduce the risk of getting attacked by a shark and it has a similar protective quality with those of a helmet while biking or when wearing a seat belt in a car.

Modom's pro surfers agree with the peace of mind they get from wearing the shark leash especially in high-risk waters. Reducing such risk may not eliminate shark attacks altogether, but it may, perhaps, allow surfers enough time to swim ashore where it's safe.

The revolutionary approach to making surfing a more enjoyable and safer sport is eminent throughout Modom's line of products. Whether you're a grom, an amateur or a pro, you will notice this when using their surf grip and leash that usually go with your board.

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