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Mini Logo

Mini Logo

Mini Logo skate decks and hardware are known for their quality and great price points. Many beginner skaters are recommended to try Mini Logo skate decks and trucks because of their durability and ease of use. If you skate for pure fun, this is the brand for you. Order yours right here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Mini Logo Skateboard Decks & Hardware

Mini Logo is a seasoned brand introduced in 1996 by Skate One - a USA-based manufacturer and distributor of high-performance skate gear and apparel. Mini Logo is based in Santa Barbara, California and they are known for providing high-quality skate products at great price points.

One of the most notable characteristics of Mini Logo as a brand is the lack of professional skaters who promote their products. Instead, they have plenty of official 'militants' across the globe who ride and use Mini Logo skateboards, hardware and accessories. These are the sorts of individuals who come from different places, who have varying skating levels and ages, as well as personal preferences when it comes to shredding. Official militants have their own Facebook pages, so do check them out to get to know them and all the buzz about Mini Logo.

Mini Logo Skate Products

Decks - Made with 7-ply rock-hard maple wood bonded using Skate One's low-stress AirLam presses. These decks are sealed to prevent moisture from penetrating in and treated with multi-layer coating of wood sealer and colour ink layers for lengthier slides.

Wheels - High-performance wheels made with long-lasting urethane. Mini Logo offers a great range of wheel shapes, hardness and sizes. Choose from A-cut shape (all-terrain; 51-56mm, 58-60mm, 66mm) and C-cut shape (for technical skating; 50-54mm).

Trucks - Mini Logo high-performance trucks are lightweight and easy to ride on. They don't typically require 'breaking in' to get a comfortable ride. These trucks are best for all skater levels as they smoothly turn and grind right out of the pack and onto your board.

Bearings - Skate Rated, precision 608 bearings produced according to Skate One specs. These bearings have removable rubber shield (one side) and removable metal shield (other side), high-speed moulded ball retainer, precision chromium steel balls and races, and pre-lubricated with Speed Cream.

Bushings - Made of 100% urethane, Mini Logo high-rebound bushings have a universal fit and allow you to manage and control the turning of your skate trucks by mixing and matching a variety of hardness.

Risers, Hardware & Truck Kits - To complete your collection, it's best to stock up on Mini Logo skateboard risers (.10" rubber, .25" and .50" plastic), kingpins (nuts and washers), axle nuts, pivot cups and hardware (7/8", 1.0" and 1.75").

Ask any tenured or beginner skater about Mini Logo products andyou'll get plenty of information abouttheir favourites. For over two decades and counting, this company has provided the skateboarding community with plenty of top-notch items that are always budget-friendly. Order yours right here at Yakwax with our amazing FREE UK delivery!