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Men's Thermal Rash Vests

Men's thermal rash vests are meant to reduce skin abrasion, while protecting you from the chilly waters. Many of today's thermal rash vests for men may also contain SPF protection, so you can enjoy being under the sun minus the harmful effects of UV rays. Using a thermal rash vest makes water sports such as surfing and board paddling more enjoyable even in the cold months. Find yours among our collection of top brands including Xcel. All with FREE UK delivery!

Thermal Rash Vests For Men to Wear Under Wetsuits

One of the must-have tops for surfers is men's thermal rash vest. These are ideal for those who love to head out into chilly waters, but hate the confining qualities of a full wetsuit; or as an extra layer in super cold waters to wear under a wetsuit.

Thermal rash vests for men offer insulation especially in cold conditions. Even the casual swimmer can benefit from wearing thermal rash guards when he's planning to take a dip in the colder months of the year. However, these vests are especially designed as an active wear for surfers, long boarders, paddle boarders, kayakers and divers.

You should also look for the thickness in millimetres to ensure that the vest is thick enough for the weather and icy waters. Higher numeric values for thickness is often desired and you will sometimes find two - e.g. 3/2mm where the first number refers to the thickness of the material in the torso and the second number refers to the thickness in the limbs and/or sides.

Thermal fabrics such as Celliant TDC, Poly Pro, Neoprene and Lycra are often used to insulate the body to prevent hypothermia and for added comfort. But new technologies are being used in producing more efficient and lightweight fabrics particularly for rash vests.

If you are looking for top notch men's thermal rash vest, check our collection at Yakwax from top brands including Xcel and others. All with FREE UK delivery included.