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Men's Skate Brand Vests + Tanks

Men's Skate Vests & Tank Tops

Here at Yakwax we know skateboarders can't resist the warm, sunny months that are perfect for shredding. But when there's heat, there's a lot of sweat. This is why men's skate fashion vests are a must in your wardrobe. These airy, sleeveless tops are excellent for ventilating your body as you move around, throwing every trick you have in your bag. Find your next skate branded vest or tank top in our collection from leading brands including DGK, Fourstar and Globe, among many others. Shop today and get FREE UK delivery!

Skate Vests & Tank Tops For Men

Men's vests are believed to have evolved from the typical undershirt which athletes and servicemen have worn many years ago. The base layer versions of the past and of today are often tight to accommodate the outerwear such as shirts with or without collars.

In today's skateboard fashion, men's tank tops are among the most popular pieces especially during summer. Though a typical t-shirt is always a go-to piece, tank tops are great to wear when the sun is too hot and you need lots of ventilation from a light, breathable top.

Avoiding sweat is close to impossible especially when you're shredding the streets or your local park but keeping it as cool as possible is not difficult when you're wearing a skateboard branded vest.

Pair them up with your favourite summertime pants, chinos or board shorts for a casual, cool getup. If you want a splash of colour or a bold design, go for a graphic style that will fit your personal style. Shop for your next one online at Yakwax in our collection of men's skateboard tank tops from superior brands like DGK,FourstarandGlobe, among many others. FREE UK delivery and excellent customer service when you order today!