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Men's Polo Shirts

Men's Polo Shirts

A must-have staple in any guy's wardrobe is the men's polo shirt. This type of shirt transcends all ages and styles for it offers a casual-cool vibe no matter the season or situation. Polo shirts work with jeans, trousers and shorts, so you can never go wrong. Ideally worn during the warmer months for their short sleeves, polo shirts for men are among the most versatile types of shirts. Check out our collection from renowned brands such as Brixton, Chocolate, Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly, Hurley, Primitive and Volcom among many others. Order today at Yakwax and get FREE UK delivery!

Polo Shirts For Men

Men's polo shirts are among the most versatile tops. These are often worn during the summer months and paired with either shorts or pants. They're especially popular among golfers, tennis players, and outdoorsy type of guys. Whether you want to be preppy or cool, it can be easily attained with this type of shirt.

These shirts were initially worn by polo players in England as part of their sport attire, but later adapted by the Brooks Brothers in creating their own breed of polo shirt for men. Other prominent names followed and introduced their own versions of the humble polo such as Jean Rene Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry.

However, men's polo shirts are no longer just for the elites and high-end brands for there are plenty of streetwear fashion houses that produce them. Guys who are into extreme sports and board riderslikesurfers and skaters are among the frequent wearers of polos as part of their casual and relaxed getup for any season and occasion.

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