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Men's Parkas + Anoraks

Men's Parkas & Anoraks

Originally worn by Eskimos and folks in the Arctic, modern parka jackets for men are both functional and stylish. You can get lightweight waterproof men's parkas for all-year wear, as well as down-filled ones for winter. Ideally, it's best to have both versions of these jackets to keep you warm and stylish all year-round. Keep the cold out and check our collection of men's parkas and anoraks fromBrixton andother top brands in surf, skate and streetwear. FREE UK delivery when you shop online at Yakwax today!

Parka Jackets & Coats for Men

Parka jackets have been around for many years, but they were created primarily for function than style. The Caribou Inuit invented this type of clothing, originally from seal or caribou skin, for kayaking and hunting in the Arctic region. These jackets have hoods which can be cinched close to the face to protect the wearer's head from rain and wind, and for added warmth.

Men's parka coats are often knee-length and filled with either down or synthetic fibres. You will also find parkas with fur-lined hoods and warm inner lining for added protection from the elements.

Modern-day parka jackets for men are a fashion statement especially for those who love streetwear. You may have seen them on runways and fashion magazines worn by models for sportswear and casual wear designers, either as featured topsor part of a whole ensemble. As a result, this type of coat has become a mainstream staple and its function will always be part of its crucial features no matter the style or design.

You will definitely find the perfect parka jacket for yourself from renowned brands we carry including Brixton and many others from the surf, skateboard and streetwear worlds. Order yours here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazingFREE UK delivery.