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Men's Henley T-Shirts

Men's Henley T-Shirts

Men's henley t-shirts are like a cross between the regular t-shirt and polo, minus the collar. These are the perfect alternative if you want a more casual top. Henley t-shirts for men are breathable and comfortable, so they're an ideal streetwear for guys with active lifestyles, as well as for the laid back ones like surfers and skaters. Check our collection of men's henley tees from top skate and streetwear brands Brixton and Volcom. Enjoy ourFREE UK deliverywhen you shop at Yakwax!

Henley T-Shirts For Men

Men's henley t-shirts originated from the undergarments of English gentlemenin the mid 1800's. The shirts were collarless with partial front placket of three to four buttons and were referred to as 'undervests' or simply 'vests'. The men's sleepwear and undergarments prior to the 'undervests' all have collars. These ancient versions of the henley were made of unbleached cotton or gauze-like material for warm summer months and merino wool for winter.

It is believed that the shirt was named after a town in Oxfordshire (England), Henley-on-Thames. It is about 100km west of London and also home to the Henley Royal Regatta of 1839.

According to history, these collarless tops with partial placket were famous among the rowers, and were, eventually, called Henleys. It was tradition among rowers that the losing team must give their tops to the winning team. The rowers' version of this type of t-shirt had a strong following up until the 1940's. In America, around the early 1900's, a similar shirt was becoming popular thanks to the growing popularity of baseball.

Men's henley tees are not normally worn as an undergarment today, but given its rich origins, it is only fitting to use it as casualtop for all situations. Find yours in our collection of henley tees for men from top streetwear brands Brixton, Volcom and many others. All with FREE UK delivery!