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Men's Gym Shorts

Men's Gym Shorts

The right shorts for workouts are not those typical ones for hanging out or lounging around. This is why choosing men's gym shorts are essential for performance and flexibility. While men's jogger shorts are also great for other strenuous exercises, getting appropriate gym shorts can reduce chaffing, while wicking away perspiration. Get gym shorts for men here at Yakwax. We carry some of the top brands in sports and street wear including DC, Brixton, Globe, Vans, Hurley, Primitive and Volcom, among many others. Shop today and get our awesome FREE UK delivery!

Gym Shorts For Men that Surf and Skate

When you're on the move and sweating away, while building strong, lean muscles it's only necessary to wear the right gym shorts for men. These innovative shorts are available to provide the ideal environment for your lower body, thighs and legs so you can move better.

Choose the loose fit style with zip pockets if you wish to run the treadmill for half an hour or if you want to run outdoors for a few miles. These shorts are made with savvy materials that wick sweat and may even have a four-way stretch capability. These shorts are often comfortable, ensuring enjoyment for the wearer, and minimising the occurrence of skin irritation and weighty bottoms that's drenched in sweat.

Look for all-purpose men's gym shorts that you can wear almost anywhere even when chilling out on the couch at home. If you do weight training for a specific sport, always consider the flexibility and comfort of your chosen gym shorts. If you want something that can be worn as a casual bottom, you may be able to find a style that is slightly loose and with semi-stretch fabric.

Get yours from our collection of men's gym shorts from top surf, skate and street wear lifestyle brands such as DGK, Diamond Supply Co., Huf and Vissla. Enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!