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Men's Gilet Jackets

Men's Gilet Jackets

If you can't resist going out to skate the streets or walk the beach side, men's gilet jacket should be part of your getup. Often worn over sleeved tops for warmth and protection from the cold weather, gilet jackets for men are also hard-wearing and lightweight. These jackets are quite versatile and perfect for guys with active lifestyles no matter the weather. Make sure to check the Yakwax collection of men's outdoor gilet jacket from Volcom, among many other top brands. All with FREE UK delivery!

Gilet Sleeveless Jackets For Men

Men's gilet jackets were originally designed as the outdoor version of the gentleman's waistcoat. However, the fashion industry has revamped the latest version of the gilet jacket which is beyond its original design and function.

The first version of men's gilet jackets originated from the French, but the term 'gilet' was derived from the Turkish word 'yelek'. The traditional style is a sleeveless jacket with straight sides and either full-length or waist-length. It was designed to keep the wearer warm and worn over other pieces of clothing specifically for the outdoors. The Duke of Hungary, Lucien Schneller, popularised this type of coat when he wore his for countryside activities and shooting.

These days, men's outerwear gilets are made to specifically meet the modern man's needs and lifestyle. These sleeveless coats are known among street style aficionados, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and celebrities. Aside from functional, these jackets are stylish and snug which make them an essential part of your cold weather getup. Get yours from our collection of stylishmen's tops and outerwearfrom top brands like Volcom and many others. Shop online at and enjoy our FREE UK delivery on all orders.