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Men's Flannel Shirts

Men's Flannel Shirts

You can never go wrong with men's flannel shirts if you want a stylish and comfortable top any time of day. Usually made with cotton and other premium soft fabrics, these shirts are among the most sought after today. Get that instant lumberjack look without the heavy duty tasks that come with the territory. Find yours in the Yakwax collection of Brixton, Dakine, Huf and Vissla flannel shirts for men. Shop today and get FREE UK delivery!

Flannel & Lumberjack Shirts For Men

Thehugelypopular men's flannel shirt appeals to guys across all demographics. No matter what sport or interest you have, there's always a lumberjack style shirt that will work for your particular style.

These shirts can go from classy to sporty, depending on how you wear it and what other piece of clothing you wear it with. Plain flannel shirts for men are ideal for more formal situations such as for those who work in corporate offices, a.k.a. the boss. Plaid styles work well for casual situations and for sporty types, and there are colour and check patterns that definitely work well in these situations.

Plaid flannel tops are always on trend in mainstream fashion and they are always a popular choice for a variety of occasions. You will regularly find these tops on fashion magazines and runways, but most importantly among streetwear aficionados. Board riders also have a penchant for skate flannels because of their lightweight, airy, and comfy attributes that fit their lifestyle and outdoor activities. Find yours today in our collectionof top brands including DC, Globe, Primitive, Volcom and many others. Free UK delivery comes as standardwhen you shop at Yakwax.