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Men's Chino Shorts

Men's Chino Shorts

Among the most versatile casual bottoms for men are chino shorts. You can go from stylish to sporty in a matter of minutes even with the same pair. You can wear men's chino shorts with a t-shirt and flip flops for that cool summer look, or a polo shirt and boat shoes for a casual date night. Invest on slim fit men's chinos that go with any kind of top and footwear. Find yours here at Yakwax. We carry the coolest brands in surf, skate and street style such as DC, GlobeandVolcom. All with our awesome FREE UK delivery service!

Chino Shorts For Men

Men's chino shorts are the epitome of versatility and cool casual style. They are perfect for warm summer days and nights since they go very well with any kind of shirt and footwear. Even a sporty guy can look a little classy in chino shorts by pairing them with polo shirt and sneakers; but he can easily change into something more comfortable by wearing t-shirt and trainers.

The key to wearing these shorts are your choices of colour and fit. Well-fitting chino shorts will look and feel great with almost any top you have in your closet. Use complementing colours when building up a summer or sporty outfit. Coloured versions are great during summer and spring, so you can bring out your white, beige, and pastel coloured tops to match.

Lighter coloured men's chinos are great for lounging, walking along the beach and having casual dates with your favourite girl. You can look sporty and classy at the same time when you mix and match your tops and footwear, just make sure to wear complementing colours.

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