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Men's Cargo Shorts

Men's Cargo Shorts

Men's cargo shorts are essential for summer getaways at the beach and city streets. Functional and stylish, these shorts are ideal for a minimalist's adventures in the city or for running errands. Side leg pockets provide space for small personal items such as gadgets, money clips and keys. If you're the all around guy who needs shorts for work and play, check our collection of cargo shorts from top surf, skate and lifestyle streetwear brands like DC, Globe, Vissla and Volcom. All with FREE UK deliverywhen you shop at Yakwax!

Cargo Shorts For Men

The utilitarian cargo shorts are a great example of function and style. Just like the pants version, these shorts serve a purpose to the wearer. You can wear them almost everywhere - for day-long strolls and adventures at the beachside, for example.

If you're like most guys who don't like hand-carrying extra items, cargo shorts for men are ideal for taking the bare essentials. Your wallet, keys and mobile phone are the most common items you can never do without especially when going out on a summer's day.

For guys who just want to look casual on a day or night out, these shorts are appropriate. They're stylish and pair well with t-shirts and other casual tops. The most common type is the knee-length cargo shorts that seem to be favoured by many fellas for the comfort, style and function they provide.

If you love summer days and street or beach strolls, men's cargo shorts are ideal bottomwear for these casual adventures. Find yours in our collection from top surf, skate and streetwear brands such as DC,Globe,VisslaandVolcom. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!