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Men's 5 Panel Caps

Men's 5 Panel Caps

Men's 5 panel caps can be your stylish headwear all year-round and they have been dominating the street style scene for several years now. From the name itself - a cap that has a five-piece construction - this cap has individual pieces of material that's intended for each region of the head. The result is a stylish and nice-fitting cap with an (often) adjustable buckle at the back. Get the latest five panel cap from some of the world's leading brands like Butter Goods, Hurley and Magenta, available here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery service!

5 Panel Hats & Caps for Men

It was in 2012 when the 5 panel cap started appearing from various street style brands. A little similar in appearance with the renowned snapback cap, 5 panels are often touted as camping hats. Though there isn't much write-up for this humble, yet stylish cap, some folks mentioned that it can be traced to the popularity of cycling caps worn by gay clubbers in London and Berlin. Bicycle couriers, though perhaps unknowingly or unintentionally, who have cleverly contributed to contemporary fashion are known to wear knee-length cut-off shorts, low flat trainers and 5-panel caps.

The 80's and 90's were the decades when the 5 panel caps reign. But no matter how vague the backstories and supposed history of the 5-panel cap has, it is clear that it has dominated a huge demographic towards the 21st Century. Economically, there's always the financially challenged newbie skater who cannot afford larger pieces of branded clothing and accessories. A 5 panel hat is one of the most affordable he can easily purchase; hence, the most affordable price point into acquiring a brand.

If you are looking for a new cap to add to your collection of skate and street wear accessories, a 5 panel cap is an ideal choice. Get yours today from among the top skate brands such as Butter Goods, Hurley and Magenta. All available here at the Yakwax store and eligible for FREE UK delivery.