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Mack's earplugs for swimming, music, sleeping, studying and all other activities that involve loud sounds are all designed to reduce damaging effects and hearing loss. The company owner is a professional musician who understands the need for proper ear protection not just among his peers, but also in other industries and household consumers as well. If you want comfortable ear protection, Mack's earplugs are the best options. Get them here at Yakwax with our killer FREE UK delivery!

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Mack's was founded in 1962 when an elderly pharmacist came across Raymond Benner, a promising symphony orchestra musician. The physician wanted to sell his earplug business for $2,000 which was said to earn $1,400 yearly. The name of the company is McKeon Products, Inc. and they were only selling Mack's Earplugs which were made of a mouldable clay mix. Benner's wife was interested and liked the challenge, so the couple bought the company and believed they could improve the product further.

The Benners wanted to create more comfortable earplugs to expand wearability. Their earplugs have undergone years of tests, trial and error, and various production techniques to come up with an extremely unique material that resulted to the world's first mouldable silicone earplugs.

Fast forward to today, Mack's is still a family owned and operated company with Raymond's two sons helping in. Their earplugs are absolutely designed for multiple types of users - from swimmers to musicians, to industrial workers, students, households and anyone who needs ear protection from damaging sounds and noise.

Mack's Earplugs According to Category of Usage

For Sleeping - For a god night's sleep, a pair of proper noise-reduction earplugs is necessary especially if you want to rest and relax your mind from such a hectic day at work.

For Snoring - If your partner, roommates or travel buddies snore at close proximity, earplugs for snoring are always handy. These are comfortable and reduce noise by blocking loud sounds that disrupt sleep.

For Swimming - Adults and kids who love to swim and surf should always wear earplugs that block out water to help prevent swimmer's and surfer's ear. All other types of water sports practitioners can benefit from swimming earplugs.

For Musicians - Loud music can become a nuisance if listened to regularly. Concert goers, bands, club patrons and other music-lovers should protect their hearing with proper noise-reduction earplugs to reduce the harsh effects of loud music.

Ear Muffs and Noise Reduction - Tactical training, shooting sports, motocross, NASCAR, and other loud sporting events require the practitioners to wear ear muffs or noise reduction ear protectors, but spectators should wear them as well. Loud sounds in these sporting events are potentially dangerous and may cause permanent hearing loss if noise-reducing earplugs are not worn during these events.

For Motorcycling and Auto Racing - Same as noise-reducing earplugs, these are essential to wear to prevent the possibilities of hearing loss and other ear problems over time. If you're a practitioner or a spectator, it is important to have these earplugs on-hand during events for you to enjoy and avoid hearing problems.

For Travelling - Air plane engine noise is deafening in its own way despite being on-board and worse if you're off-board and staying nearby an airport. You'll see airline workers on ground at the tarmac wearing proper earplugs to block out the loud engine noise. But as a traveller, you will definitely need to wear a pair of noise-reducing earplugs as well to block out the engine noise while on-board and to prevent sleepless flight when you're seated beside a snorer.

For Studying - Disruptive noise at home or at your dormitory can be reduced with proper earplugs for studying. These are great for reading, studying your lessons and resting after a busy day at school - improving your mental focus and control.


Being the leading brand of earplugs in the USA, Mack's has received numerous accolades over the years - for quality, sales and commendation.

  • #1 Selling Brand per IRI Data
  • #1 Doctor Recommended Earplug Brand per BRG Research
  • Presidents "E" Award for Export Excellence in 2013
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certified Manufacturer
  • North American Hunting Club Field Tested Seal of Approval
  • Official Ear Care of USA Swimming
  • Official Hearing Protection Supplier of the National Association of Music Merchants Show

Interesting Facts

There are plenty of fun and interesting facts that surround Mack's ear plugs. From the 60's to the present, the brand has gained popularity among individuals, groups/teams, and even the entertainment scene. Here are some of them:

  • In the 1960's, Cecilia Benner, co-inventor and wife of Ray Benner, appeared twice on the gameshow "What's My Line?" and her usual occupation is "making earplugs".
  • Mack's earplugs were the first used in a World Series Baseball Game.
  • To help prevent swimmer's ear while breaking 18 world records, USMS swimmer Lois Nochman used Mack's earplugs.
  • Part of the "Good Morning America Survival Kit" is a box of Mack's earplugs which Joan Lunden handed over to her successor on her last show.

The brand's tenure and longevity in the earplugs business are testament to their quality and continuous innovation. Truly, there's a pair of Mack's earplugs for almost everybody in any industry and household. Protect your ears from the effects of loud, disruptive noise by ordering yours right here at Yakwax. All with killer FREE UK delivery!